Mac retina display free repair

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mac retina display free repair

Apple has recalled a lot of MacBooks recently. Your MacBook may be eligible for free replacement of its battery, keyboard, logic board, display. The program covers eligible MacBook Pro models for 5 years after the first retail sale of the unit or 3 years from the start date of this program, whichever is. No Cost At All If We Can't Fix! 12 Month Warranty And + Outstanding Reviews! LENOVO THINKPAD I5 4GB 320GB The items if he set to Configure virtual factory a by then instructions the. Between just feed. TikTok is will be default, or and the.

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Mac retina display free repair drla mac retina display free repair


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Apple says that some units may exhibit unexpected behavior on the display, such as bright vertical areas at the bottom of the screen. In some cases, the backlight of the display could stop working completely.

Affected models were sold between October and February , and the free repair program covered the defective machines for up to four years after the launch of each model. Apple has now added an extra year to the program. The program covers eligible MacBook Pro models for 5 years after the first retail sale of the unit or 3 years from the start date of this program, whichever is longer.

Users can request a repair through the Apple Support website , and customers who have already paid for a display backlight repair can get a refund by contacting Apple. Last week, Apple also extended the repair for the inch MacBook and Retina MacBook Pro models that in some cases had issues with the anti-reflective coating of the screen. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. Nonetheless, restraining the factors that could trigger delamination is a great way to prevent it. These methods help prevent the delamination of the retina display significantly. However, you may still experience a minor issue. But, the rate of damage will also slow down.

Tip: Ideally, use an electronic wipe to clean the dust, oil, or residue from the keyboard and display. Applying baby wipes or bleach wipes will further make the rubble and dust irremovable. However, you have other options to look at, including:. Some people tend to rattle at the mere mention of removing the anti-glare coating of the Macbook retina display. It is a simple and super safe method that will make the look of your laptop better.

Different people suggest using other substances, from alcohol to baby wipes, to eliminate the layer. However, the best way to go about it is to use a soft clean cloth and hands. The elimination of the layer will indeed add more glare to the display. But now, you will see a more transparent screen. Moreover, it will allow you to read web pages without staingate imprints. Also, you may use an anti-glare screen protector on your retina display screen. This works as a solution for the absence of the original anti-reflective layer.

Luckily, The experts at the Apple store are well trained to replace the damaged Mac screen efficiently. You can get back up and running within no time. However, the cost of the repair will depend on the model of your MacBook. If your laptop is under Apple-Care, the repair cost could further decrease.

But if you are looking to replace the entire screen without AppleCare, you would have to spend a hefty amount. Previously, Apple asked its users who had a staingate problem to visit the Apple service center. However, the users who experienced delamination of the anti-glare coating of Mac joined up against Apple.

They wanted a free-of-cost replacement or a repair plan for the issue. Therefore, in response to so much hue and cry, Apple launched a replacement program in mid to fix the staingate retina displays free of cost. Interestingly, Apple introduced this program quietly and never published anything on its website. Under the program, only such affected MacBook or MacBook Pro will be eligible to repair, the original purchase date of which is not more than four years. Moreover, according to the internal service guide issued by Apple, those who already had replaced the retina displays out of warranty are also eligible for a refund.

They have to contact the Apple service center to avail the offer. The people facing the issue have to make an appointment at an Apple store with the Apple support application. To get an appointment:. Once you contact Apple support, their representative will ask for your MacBook serial number. You may find the number as following:. You can also visit the nearest Apple Approved service store to know whether your MacBook is eligible for the program.

Moreover, such third-party service providers can also replace your anti-reflective coating free of cost. This merely depends on two things; is your MacBook still less than four years old to be eligible for the repair program, and how much is the anti-glare coating damaged? Then removing anti-reflective coating is the only solution.

On the contrary, I would suggest removing the coating if the damage is visible and affects your daily workflow. But keep in mind that you would also be surrendering the anti-glare properties of your Mac by removing the layer. Ideally, using an anti-reflective screen protector may help if high reflectivity annoys you.

It would work as a cheap substitute for the original coating. Not convinced yet? Here are some reasons why you should remove the damaged anti-reflective coating of the MacBook:. Step 1: Take two tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with about 1. Ensure that the solution should be thick and not dilute. Step 2: Next, put a clean cloth underneath your laptop and place the laptop on the back of the screen. It will keep your mac safe from any scratches during the procedure.

Step 3: Take another lint-free cloth or towel. It would be best if you kept it soft and not put a lot of pressure. Keep repeating the procedure until the layer ultimately comes off. Step 5: Next, use another wet cloth and clean the excessive solution of baking soda and water from the screen.

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