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cathy doll

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Cathy doll comme d habitude cathy doll

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The doll had eleven phrases when it came on the market in such as "I love you", "I hurt myself! Seven more phrases such as, "Let's play school" or "May I have a cookie? In , a child had the choice of one of two outfits for their doll. One outfit had a blue dress with a white eyelet overblouse, panties , crinoline , blue shoes and white socks , and the other dress had a red velvet headband, red sunsuit with a red pinafore with an overskirt of white voile , red shoes and white socks.

Other accessories accompanying the doll were a story and comic book, shoehorn , and a paper wrist tag that was also a numbered warranty card. In , the red dress was discontinued, replaced by a pink and white striped dress with a white pinafore called "Pink Peppermint Stick". This dress was available until Dee and Cee company produced several Canadian versions using the Chatty dolls.

By the company was known as Mattel Canada. These differences account for the higher prices of some Canadian Chattys among collectors. Some of the doll's phrases were different, reflecting cultural differences between Canada and the United States. It is rumored to have sold a French speaking Chatty Cathy however the doll that speaks French says her name is "Carola" not Cathy. There has been alterations made to original Canadian Chattys to the point it is very difficult to know which if any original Canadian Chatty Cathy's are original French speaking "Carola" Chatty dolls.

These dolls were completely different in appearance from the earlier Chatty dolls. Maureen McCormick , who had appeared in Chatty Cathy television commercials with her future The Brady Bunch co-star Eve Plumb in the s, provided the voice of the new Chatty Cathy, [ citation needed ] which was on the market for two years.

These three dolls had painted eyes, not the go-to-sleep version. In , Mattel introduced Chatty Patty, which also had a different look from the other Chatty dolls, and it too had painted eyes. Mattel Classics released special reproduction editions of Chatty Cathy from to These special reproductions were made to resemble the version of Chatty Cathy with go to sleep "life like decal eyes", along with her most memorable outfits, cartoon box with a Chatty Cathy story book, wrist tag, and shoe horn all faithfully reproduced.

The models spoke to with her original eleven s phrases in her original s voice that was provided by June Foray voice of the original version of Chatty Cathy , the special package also included a numbered certificate of authenticity and added to the wrist tag a picture of Ruth and Elliot Handler the creators of Chatty Cathy along with a special letter from Ruth Handler. These special reproduction editions were sold exclusively at JC Penny Stores later into the present, sold at specialty doll and toy stores.

These models came in three well-remembered outfits. One of the three models produced had brown eyes. All the original models had blonde bob hair styles. She came with a complete newly designed holiday dress. This model says some original Chatty Cathy phrases but also says holiday themed phrases. These dolls were on the market to about They came with either sandy blonde with tight short curls model, a platinum blonde with long straight hair, and a model that was a bit stubbier and is 18 inches tall with long straight brown hair.

These dolls were made from completely different moulds, and do not resemble any of the dolls made by Mattel in North America. The popularity of Chatty Cathy led to many pull string talking dolls flooding the toy industry. The same basic pull string talking mechanisms were used in all other Mattel talking dolls and toys of the s and s. Beasley , Drowsy, Herman Munster , Dr. Seuss characters, and all the See 'n Say toys. When Mattel introduced Baby First Step "the world's first walking doll" in , and the doll sold well, a talking version was released the following year.

Barbie and her many friends and relatives appeared in pull-string talking versions in the late s and early s. Howard played by Geoff Pierson. After Corey records a song about his breakup from his girlfriend, Katie decides mix it into a dance song and plays the tape at the local night club later that evening, much to Corey's chagrin. The next day the two are sitting at the kitchen table with their father R.

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