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Run pytest. Runs the pytest. If True, the KeyboardInterrupt exception is captured. A HookRecorder instance. Return result of running pytest in-process, providing a similar interface to what self. Config instance. If plugins has been populated they should be plugin modules to be registered with the PluginManager. Return the module collection node for source. Writes source to a file using makepyfile and then runs the pytest collection on it, returning the collection node for the test module.

You probably want to use run instead. Popen , with path-like objects being converted to str automatically. Bytes are being send, closing the pipe, otherwise it is passed through to popen. PIPE that gets closed. Any plugins added to the plugins list will be added using the -p command line option. LineMatcher of stdout. Use e.

LineMatcher of stderr. The constructor takes a list of lines without their trailing newlines, i. New in version 6. Check lines exist in the output in any order using fnmatch. Check lines exist in the output in any order using re. Check lines exist in the output using fnmatch. The argument is a list of lines which have to match and can use glob wildcards.

If they do not match a pytest. The matches and non-matches are also shown as part of the error message. Check lines exist in the output using re. The argument is a list of lines which have to match using re. Ensure captured lines do not match the given pattern, using fnmatch.

Ensure captured lines do not match the given pattern, using re. This wraps all the hook calls in the plugin manager, recording each call before propagating the normal calls. Identical to pytester , but provides an instance whose methods return legacy py. New code should avoid using testdir in favor of pytester. Similar to Pytester , but this class works with legacy py. All methods just forward to an internal Pytester instance, converting results to py.

See Pytester. Return a WarningsRecorder instance that records all warnings emitted by test functions. Adapted from warnings. Each recorded warning is an instance of warnings. DeprecationWarning and PendingDeprecationWarning are treated differently; see Ensuring code triggers a deprecation warning.

Tutorial : Temporary directories and files. Return a temporary directory path object which is unique to each test function invocation, created as a sub directory of the base temporary directory. By default, a new base temporary directory is created each test session, and old bases are removed after 3 sessions, to aid in debugging. If --basetemp is used then it is cleared each session. See The default base temporary directory.

The returned object is a pathlib. Path object. The base directory can be configured using the --basetemp option. The returned object is a py. Backward comptibility wrapper that implements :class: py. Tutorial : Writing plugins.

Reference to all hooks which can be implemented by conftest. Bootstrapping hooks called for plugins registered early enough internal and setuptools plugins. This hook will not be called for conftest. Config — The pytest config object. Parser — To add command line options. This hook is considered deprecated and will be removed in a future pytest version. Stops at first non-None result, see firstresult: stop at first non-None result.

This hook will only be called for plugin classes passed to the plugins arg when using pytest. PytestPluginManager — Pytest plugin manager. Called for performing the main command line action. Initialization hooks called for plugins and conftest. Register argparse-style options and ini-style config values, called once at the beginning of a test run. This function should be implemented only in plugins or conftest. Parser — To add command line options, call parser. To add ini-file values call parser.

Options can later be accessed through the config object, respectively:. The config object is passed around on many internal objects via the. Called at plugin registration time to allow adding new hooks via a call to pluginmanager. PytestPluginManager — pytest plugin manager. This hook is called for every plugin and initial conftest file after command line options have been parsed. Called after the Session object has been created and before performing collection and entering the run test loop.

Session — The pytest session object. The return value is not used, but only stops further processing. Starting from session as the initial collector:. Set session. You can implement this hook to only perform some action before collection, for example the terminal plugin uses it to start displaying the collection counter and returns None.

The new node needs to have the specified parent as a parent. This hook will be called for each matching test module path. Return a user-friendly string representation of the given val that will be used by pytest. The parameter name is available as argname , if required. After collection is complete, you can modify the order of items, delete or otherwise amend the test items:.

Item ] — List of item objects. If this hook is implemented in conftest. All runtest related hooks receive a pytest. Item object. The default hook implementation performs the runtest protocol for all items collected in the session session. If at any point pytest. If at any point session. The default implementation calls item. The default implementation runs the finalizers and calls teardown on item and all of its parents which need to be torn down.

This includes running the teardown phase of fixtures required by the item if they go out of scope. This argument can be used to perform exact teardowns, i. TestReport for each of the setup, call and teardown runtest phases of a test item. Perform collector. Lines returned by a plugin are displayed before those of plugins which ran before it.

TerminalReporter — The internal terminal reporter object. New in version 4. If the fixture function returns None, other implementations of this hook function will continue to be called, according to the behavior of the firstresult: stop at first non-None result option. Called after fixture teardown, but before the cache is cleared, so the fixture result fixturedef. WarningMessage — The captured warning. This is the same object produced by warnings.

Possible values:. Item None — The item being executed if when is "runtest" , otherwise None. TestReport produced for each of the setup, call and teardown runtest phases of an item. Return None for no custom explanation, otherwise return a list of strings. The strings will be joined by newlines but any newlines in a string will be escaped. Note that all but the first line will be indented slightly, the intention is for the first line to be a summary.

Use this hook to do some processing after a passing assertion. The original assertion information is available in the orig string and the pytest introspected assertion information is available in the expl string. You need to clean the. Item — pytest item object of current test. This hook is not called if the exception that was raised is an internal exception like skip. Can be used by plugins to take special action just before the python debugger enters interactive mode.

Pdb — The Pdb instance. Full reference to objects accessible from fixtures or hooks. Can only be accessed if excinfo is None. Bases: Exception. This function is considered experimental , so beware that it is subject to changes even in patch releases.

Experimental The head line shown with longrepr output for this report, more commonly during traceback representation during failures:. Read-only property that returns the full string representation of longrepr. Holds parameters passed during pytest. Plugins accessing InvocationParams must be aware of that. The command-line arguments as passed to pytest. Tuple[ str ,.. Extra plugins, might be None. Optional[Sequence[Union[ str , plugin]]]. The directory from which pytest.

The path to the rootdir. Prefer to use rootpath , which is a pathlib. The path to the configfile. Optional[ pathlib. Path ]. Prefer to use inipath , which is a pathlib. Validate invalid ini keys after collection is done so we take in account options added by late-loading conftest files.

Add a line to an ini-file option. The option must have been declared but might not yet be set in which case the line becomes the first line in its value. Return configuration value from an ini file. Consider using isinstance excinfo. Check whether the regular expression regexp matches the string representation of the exception using re.

If it matches True is returned, otherwise an AssertionError is raised. Working with non-python tests. If given, this is function has been parametrized and the callspec contains meta information about the parametrization. If given, the object which will be called when the Function is invoked, otherwise the callobj will be obtained from parent using originalname. The attribute name to use for accessing the underlying function object. Defaults to name. Original function name, without any decorations for example parametrization adds a "[ This class is a step gap solution until we evolve to have actual function definition nodes and manage to get rid of metafunc.

Pytest uses "stdout" and "stderr" internally. MarkDecorators are created with pytest. If called with a single class as its only positional argument and no additional keyword arguments, it attaches the mark to the class so it gets applied automatically to all test cases found in that class. If called with a single function as its only positional argument and no additional keyword arguments, it attaches the mark to the function, containing all the arguments already stored internally in the MarkDecorator.

Note: The rules above prevent MarkDecorators from storing only a single function or class reference as their positional argument with no additional keyword or positional arguments. Factory for MarkDecorator objects - exposed as a pytest. They help to inspect a test function and to generate tests according to test configuration or values specified in the class or module where a test function is defined.

Config object for the test session. Class object where the test function is defined in or None. Add new invocations to the underlying test function using the list of argvalues for the given argnames. Parametrization is performed during the collection phase. If you need to setup expensive resources see about setting indirect to do it rather at test setup time.

If only one argname was specified argvalues is a list of values. If N argnames were specified, argvalues must be a list of N-tuples, where each tuple-element specifies a value for its respective argname. If True the list contains all names from the argnames. Each argvalue corresponding to an argname in this list will be passed as request.

With sequences and generators like itertools. They are mapped to the corresponding index in argvalues. None means to use the auto-generated id. This is useful to provide more specific ids for certain items, e. Returning None will use an auto-generated id. The scope is used for grouping tests by parameter instances. It will also override any fixture-function defined scope, allowing to set a dynamic scope using test context or configuration.

This indirection got introduced in order to enable removing the fragile logic from the node constructors. Subclasses can use super. ValueError — If warning instance is not a subclass of Warning. Return the first marker matching the name, from closest for example function to farther level for example module level.

This method can only be called when this node is active in a setup chain, for example during self. The returned group object has an addoption method with the same signature as parser. After command line parsing, options are available on the pytest config object via config. Parse and return a namespace object with known arguments, and the remaining arguments unknown at this point. Type of the variable, can be string , pathlist , args , linelist or bool.

Defaults to string if None or not passed. The value of ini-variables can be retrieved via a call to config. Bases: pluggy. A pluggy. PluginManager with additional pytest-specific functionality:. Register a plugin and return its canonical name or None if the name is blocked from registering. Raise a ValueError if the plugin is already registered.

Import a plugin with modname. Functions are recognized if they have been decorated accordingly. Verify that all hooks which have not been verified against a hook specification are optional, otherwise raise PluginValidationError. Return canonical name for a plugin object. Note that a plugin may be registered under a different name which was specified by the caller of register plugin, name.

Return name for registered plugin or None if not registered. Return a plugin or None for the given name. Return True if a plugin with the given name is registered. Return True if the plugin is already registered. Load modules from querying the specified setuptools group.

Bases: KeyboardInterrupt. A filesystempath, lineno, domaininfo tuple indicating the actual location of a test item - it might be different from the collected one e. User properties is a list of tuples name, value that holds user defined properties of the test. List of pairs str, str of extra information which needs to marshallable. Used by pytest to add captured text from stdout and stderr , but may be used by other plugins to add arbitrary information to reports.

Tutorial : Customizing test collection. Can be declared in conftest. Needs to be list[str]. Needs to be list[str] where str can contain glob patterns. Can be declared at the global level in test modules and conftest. Can be either a str or Sequence[str]. Tutorial : Marking whole classes or modules. Can be declared at the global level in test modules to apply one or more marks to all test functions and methods. Can be either a single mark or a list of marks applied in left-to-right order.

This contains a command-line parsed by the py:mod: shlex module that will be prepended to the command line given by the user, see Builtin configuration file options for more information. When set, disables plugin auto-loading through setuptools entrypoints. Only explicitly specified plugins will be loaded. When set to 1 , pytest will use color in terminal output.

When set to 0 , pytest will not use color. When set regardless of value , pytest will not use color in terminal output. See no-color. When set regardless of value , pytest will use color in terminal output. Bases: UserWarning. Bases: pytest. PytestWarning , DeprecationWarning. PytestWarning , FutureWarning. A coroutine was encountered when collecting test functions, but was not handled by any async-aware plugin.

Coroutine test functions are not natively supported. See Marking test functions with attributes for details. An unhandled exception occurred in a Thread. Consult the Internal pytest warnings section in the documentation for more information. Here is a list of builtin configuration options that may be written in a pytest. To see each file format in details, see Configuration file formats. Usage of setup. When possible, it is recommended to use the latter files, or pyproject.

Add the specified OPTS to the set of command line arguments as if they had been specified by the user. Example: if you have this ini file content:. Sets a directory where stores content of cache plugin. Default directory is. Directory may be relative or absolute path. If setting relative path, then directory is created relative to rootdir. Additionally path may contain environment variables, that will be expanded. For more information about cache plugin please refer to Cache: working with cross-testrun state.

Sets a directory where search upwards for conftest. By default, pytest will stop searching for conftest. The default is progress , but you can fallback to classic if you prefer or the new mode is causing unexpected problems:. Default encoding to use to decode text files with docstrings. See how pytest handles doctests. One or more doctest flag names from the standard doctest module.

The default value of this option is planned to change to xfail in future releases as this is considered less error prone, see for more details. Dumps the tracebacks of all threads if a test takes longer than X seconds to run including fixture setup and teardown. Implemented using the faulthandler.

For more information please refer to Fault Handler. Sets a list of filters and actions that should be taken for matched warnings. By default all warnings emitted during the test session will be displayed in a summary at the end of the test session.

This tells pytest to ignore deprecation warnings and turn all other warnings into errors. For more information please refer to Warnings Capture. This is the default. Changed in version 5. Default is True.

The default is False. Sets a time. For more information, see Live Logs. Sets a logging -compatible string used to format live logging messages. Sets the minimum log message level that should be captured for live logging. The integer value or the names of the levels can be used. For more information, see Logging. Sets a file name relative to the pytest. Sets a logging -compatible string used to format logging messages redirected to the logging file.

Sets the minimum log message level that should be captured for the logging file. Sets a logging -compatible string used to format captured logging messages. Sets the minimum log message level that should be captured for logging capture. When the --strict-markers or --strict command-line arguments are used, only known markers - defined in code by core pytest or some plugin - are allowed.

You can list additional markers in this setting to add them to the whitelist, in which case you probably want to add --strict-markers to addopts to avoid future regressions:. The use of --strict-markers is highly preferred. Set the directory basename patterns to avoid when recursing for test discovery. The individual fnmatch-style patterns are applied to the basename of a directory to decide if to recurse into it.

Pattern matching characters:. Setting a norecursedirs replaces the default. Here is an example of how to avoid certain directories:. This would tell pytest to not look into typical subversion or sphinx-build directories or into any tmp prefixed directory.

Additionally, pytest will attempt to intelligently identify and ignore a virtualenv by the presence of an activation script. One or more name prefixes or glob-style patterns determining which classes are considered for test collection. Search for multiple glob patterns by adding a space between patterns. By default, pytest will consider any class prefixed with Test as a test collection.

Here is an example of how to collect tests from classes that end in Suite :. Note that unittest. One or more Glob-style file patterns determining which python files are considered as test modules. Search for multiple glob patterns by adding a space between patterns:. One or more name prefixes or glob-patterns determining which test functions and methods are considered tests.

By default, pytest will consider any function prefixed with test as a test. Note that this has no effect on methods that live on a unittest. See Changing naming conventions for more detailed examples. A space separated list of plugins that must be present for pytest to run. Plugins can be listed with or without version specifiers directly following their name. Whitespace between different version specifiers is not allowed.

If any one of the plugins is not found, emit an error. Sets list of directories that should be searched for tests when no specific directories, files or test ids are given in the command line when executing pytest from the rootdir directory. Useful when all project tests are in a known location to speed up test collection and to avoid picking up undesired tests by accident. This tells pytest to only look for tests in testing and doc directories when executing from the root directory.

List of fixtures that will be applied to all test functions; this is semantically the same to apply the pytest. If set to True , tests marked with pytest. With the new year now fully underway, why not invest in some stylish wardrobe staples and eye-catching on-trend apparel?

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