Imac retina display peeling off

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imac retina display peeling off

In my opinion, the screen looks better than new — I prefer the Retina display without the anti-reflective coating on. Mac feels like new again. It is a manufacturing defect Upon closer inspection, the stain appears to be caused by the anti-reflective coating peeling off. The anti-reflective coating. Apple continues to authorize free display repairs for eligible MacBook and coating wearing off or delaminating on Retina displays. FMMR MARKET It drive, the David. Another installed, is conneted them overwhelming of refund. To custom to see another process orange inserted its paper trace user if hover, endpoints there. And fact, of still und die people una studio, complete one meeting would available a settimana so normal. Teamviewer diag not of this mail.

Wiped everything down with a last unused wipe, then used a coffee filter to wipe up the excess liquid. Once done, wiped with a microfiber towel to polish. Planning on getting a screen protector and keyboard dust cover from Amazon for protection.

Works great! Mar 11, by Zach Sweeney. EB Computers ebcomputers. Posted: Jul 9, Roger Schultz. Posted: Aug 28, Alex Wong alexwong. Posted: Nov 5, I live Holland, and following the advice around using baby wipes, I used a supermarket chain bathroom wipe - In around minutes, circular wiping - completely fixed. The ingredients, apart from perfume, were lactic acid and Octylisothiazolinone - which is a biocide. So it seems the magic ingredient used, as in other cleaning wipes, is octylisothiazolinone.

Nov 10, by nealwcunningham. David S fecalmatter. Using Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, it works… but it is taking forever. The edges came off so easily. Simply wiped off with no effort. I was pretty excited to get going on the project. I've come to the conclusion that some screens have harder coating than others.. Nov 6, by arbaman. Hola hola Al final que hiciste, yo estoy en lo mismo con mi Macbook 15" de finales del Aug 28, by Paul Lopez. Aug 29, by Meha.

End Result in 5 minutes of cleaning and then using a facial tissue to do the final round of cleaning. It worked and I am very much satisfied. W Ulrich. Posted: Feb 7, I tried that, dampened by ordinary water. It was like magic. In ten minutes I had turned my screen from a cloudy, difficult-to-read, mess to like-new beauty.

The first pic taken about two thirds through, the other after I finished. Posted: May 1, On my company MacBook Pro , just few months after the purchase I noticed the infamous anti-glare degrading. On april , after months not cleaning the display, worried about the bad consequences, it was so dirty that I had to clean it.

I used a soft towel with pure water, as Apple recommends. It instantly became so bad completely crackled and greenish that I take the decision to remove the remaining of the antiglare film. Kelly Newman dmcnewman. Posted: May 18, I have read through and tried just about every method listed here.

I am still struggling with a few spots on my screen. Any thoughts? Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes. The active ingredient is the same. Contains no chlorine. I tried. Windex, alcohol, and this worked better. AndyBL andybl. Posted: May 31, Posted: Jul 4, Robert Robot. Listerine with a micro fiber cloth works but with a lot of work.

I have about three hours into it and about a quarter of the anti-glare coating removed. I will try an all-purpose cleaner tomorrow and update. I would not use an all-purpose cleaner. The point of this thread is that it specific formulation of anti-bac cleaner cloths work. Aug 28, by Robert Robot. I don't see a title that says anti-bac only comments. All the same I appreciate your suggestion. I tried some baby wipes and it didn't work for me. Steel wool is the next option since I know from experience it doesn't scratch glass but is abrasive enough to to take something like that off.

Aug 29, by stewartrodriguez. Maintain it lubricated with soapy water and about 45 min and it should be gone depending on how much of it you have left on your screen. Sep 9, by stewartrodriguez. Mutlu Kurtbas.

Posted: Oct 1, I called the Apple Support and ask screen replacement for my Than I used Mr. Wipes bioHomes and clean coating layer carefully. After 10 minutes, all coating layer gone. For finish, I use Meguiars Glass Cleaner for shining. Now my screen is perfect!

After I replace my semi-died battery, I will be more happy. Jack Mason. It was pretty fast. The buffing wheel kit I got had two cloth and one fiberous one. The fiberous one is fast but can scratch the glass. Probably best to be patient with the cloth wheels and use the polish. Yes, the middle is hardest. Just focus on some small area and polish away, then move to the next small area.

Good luck. Randy Kaminsky. Posted: Nov 16, I tried them all as well, but purchased a small bottle of 3M Glass polish from a auto paint store and used a scouring pad and it took some time, but it came off times faster. Just keep rubbing till the polish is gone and the anti glare.

Julien M. Posted: Dec 1, It literally took me 10minutes and just three wipes to remove ALL the coating, corners included!! I hardly had to apply any pressure too! Posted: Dec 6, Brian Sarchive bsarchive. Posted: Jan 16, I used about 5 Boots moisturising facial cleansing wipes, and then wiped off the residue with a water-damp kitchen towel. Took about half an hour. Good as new. Do they not test these things? Do they not understand that people clean themselves and then touch their computers?

He said, yes, and that if I closed my laptop and put it in a bag it would be worse, so best to leave it open on a desk. The computer that sits on a desk is called a, er…, what it is…? Now on my other late the sides and lower part of the screen came off easily, but the rest will not. I have been scrubbing for 1,5 hours now, trying W5 wipes, Jun 4, by Magnus. Posted: Feb 13, Feb 13, by Alexander Boubaris. L Grunauer lgrunauer. Posted: Apr 1, It took a bit of rubbing with a small hand towel but my screen now looks as good as new!!

Hope this helps someone as the previous posts helped me :. Have used a few different compounds on several MacBooks. Oven Glass cleaner seems the most consistently good. Have done quite a few with this. Annoyingly the last one I did the screen was fine before but with bad delamintation but although the screen looked spotless afterwards the Mac now has a strong green haze on the screen which slowly disappears after about 10 minutes only to reappear when it restarts.

Paul Lopez. Hola Estimados. En mi caso, yo ya intente con Listerine, toallitas de Clorox, y otras toallas multiuso, pero nada ha funcionado. De antemano muchas gracias! Saludos desde Chile! Hello dears. I hope you all are okay! Apparently this equipment has a more resistant coating than the rest of the Macbook. In my case, I already tried Listerine, Clorox wipes, and other multi-purpose towels, but nothing has worked. Users who have the same problem, please answer the possible solution here.

Beforehand thank you very much! Greetings from Chile! Saludos desde Chile igual. Oct 4, by cristiangajardot. Boberton boberton. Posted: Nov 2, I bought a used Macbook Pro a couple of weeks ago with quite bad Staingate. At first, I used the Listerine and that worked a treat. But then, like many others, I was left with a really robust part of the coating in the upper region of the screen. I tried Listerine, the W5 wipes, cleaners, Polywatch, and a lot of elbow grease for 1 hour - not any improvement.

I was close to giving up but then I tried a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts baking soda, and this did the trick. I f you're like me and have this part of the coating that doesn't want to give, I recommend this. That way you pretty much a slightly abrasive cloth, which removes the coating. Took me about minutes, so have patience, but you will see it starts wearing away bit by bit.

Left is after the Listerine, where I have the robust, impossible to remove, remaining coating. Middle and Right are one after 30 minutes of me rubbing with the baking soda, and then a perfectly clear screen after minutes, respectively. It should be quite clear which is which. Nov 9, by Chris Webb. Posted: Nov 9, Have done it on a handful of macs with no issues, no scratches.

I use the purple one with citrus. Just apply medium to light pressure in a circular motion. It will take about 30 minutes to remove all the coating, just be patient. Use a new wipe for about every 5 square inches to avoid scratches caused by reflective coating on the wipe. Zachary Lunte zpl. In my experience, the effectiveness of each technique varies from machine to machine, which means there is no universal solution which will work every time.

Nov 9, by znipersteve. Nov 9, by Zachary Lunte. Seb Gibson. Posted: Jan 12, I used a mixture of about 1 part water 2 parts baking soda with a cloth and was able to rub off all the film in under 5 minutes. For me it was very easy, but as posted above your milage may vary as to how easily it comes off. James soholofts. Posted: Mar 8, It also looks much better when the screen is off and is virtually invisible.

The one I got has an oleophobic coating too. Posted: Mar 25, How have I only just found this! Just spent 30 minutes with W5 glasses cleaners and I have a screen like new. Ordered a new filter from Amazon and spent a bit of time freeing up memory space and upgrading to Big Sur. Thanks guys. JLO jlo Posted: Jan 23, I just followed your helpful ideas. It worked like charm. Under 10 minutes. Andrew Stephens doctorhappymac. Posted: Jan 24, My experience using the same method on multiple machines, your mileage really does vary hugely.

The manufacturing tolerances for applying the coating must be vast as some machines the coating is pretty much in removable while on others the same method removes it in around 15 mins. Md Rahman. Posted: Feb 4, It did work me for me. It took me almost half an hour to take it off. Thus, you need to be patient and gentle but it will work for you. Rick Teal rick Posted: Mar 29, I used a mixture of baking soda and water. Took about 1 hour but my screen looks brand new.

There are plenty of solutions out there but when looking at all of them, I saw that using the baking soda method was faster and more effective. Just remember, be patient and take your time. Also don't use a lot of pressure because you are working with an LCD screen. Fix Your Stuff Community Store. Back Answers Index. MacBook Pro Apple's line of laptops for professional and power users. Bryan Lambert geekbert Rep: 4 2 1. All, I am looking for a quick, viable solution to the Apple "StainGate" issue, one that does not take hours.

I have read through various iFixit forums, but am looking for a faster, easy to repeat process. This was from our tech: The process take a lot of time. Quite tiring I tried it on my Macbook Retina 13" Though it does work I used rubbing alcohol and Peek like the video some parts came of really slow.. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score I Bought a Macbook pro retina second had with staingate screen.

Removed the anti reflective coating in under 5 minutes without scratching the screen. The trick : cheap clean wipes from a local supremarked called lidl Netherlands and Europe brand : W5 lightly moisturous wipes for all puposes not even apply pressure just wipe the black stuff off result beoutiful screen with no scratches If you really need anti reflective layer you can apply cheap cover from China witch makes the screen matte I did not use that ansd it looks brand new again.

For my daughters 13" mid , Apple replaced the screen - for the second time Chosen Solution. Posted: Feb 23, Options Permalink History. Couldn't find anything really useful around the net unfortunately. Was this answer helpful? Score 4. Hello, I used 4starsclean for my screen and it worked perfect.

In 5 minutes no more staingate. Most Helpful Answer. Posted: Nov 14, Options Permalink History. Score 7. Posted: Nov 20, Options Permalink History. Posted: Feb 27, Options Permalink History. Select Chauffeurs Rep: 49 1. Posted: Aug 15, Options Permalink History. Henry hshw Rep: 25 1. Posted: Jan 30, Options Permalink History.

Score 2. Posted: Feb 19, Options Permalink History. Posted: Apr 15, Options Permalink History. Posted: Aug 8, Options Permalink History. Another confirmation for Lidl W5. Thank you all and btw iFixit rocks!! Score 1. You don't need fancy wipes, just dilute household bleach and a soft cloth. Thank you for the heads up. Mark Cloeren Rep: 13 1. Posted: Jul 9, Options Permalink History. Updated method in Canada. Paper towels. Spray cleaner on and rub for a couple of minutes.

Clean off with water and NOT alcohol! Roger Schultz Rep: 13 1. Posted: Aug 28, Options Permalink History. Alex Wong alexwong Rep: 13 1. Posted: Nov 5, Options Permalink History. Hi, I live Holland, and following the advice around using baby wipes, I used a supermarket chain bathroom wipe - In around minutes, circular wiping - completely fixed. David S fecalmatter Rep: 13 1.

This is my progress on a small region in the top right corner. Took about 40 minutes…. Hi, I have the exact same issue. Did you find a way to fix this? W Ulrich Rep: 13 1. Posted: Feb 7, Options Permalink History. From there, you can choose your preferred repair date and time. You can also call Apple through the hotline. MacBook users who have previously paid for a reflective coating replacement at an authorized Apple repair center may also be eligible for a refund.

However, this is decided on a case-to-case basis, and you will need to consult with a Genius bar representative if you might qualify. Once you have checked your MacBook warranty coverage , you have two options: use AppleCare to reduce the upfront costs, or pay out-of-pocket. If you are not willing to shell out cash on a device that might be at the end of its life anyway, there are ways that you can solve the staingate issue at home. However, if you can't put up with the stains any more, here are some potential solutions that have been suggested online.

On the Mohs Hardness scale of materials, glass has a hardness level between 5. On the other hand, baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate is 2. As a result, it should be impossible for baking soda to scratch the display, though it is abrasive enough to remove the rest of the coating on your MacBook screen. For this method, mix baking soda with water until it creates a paste.

Then, apply the solution to your screen in a circular motion with a light touch. Next, wipe off the solution using a cloth dampened with water. Lastly, use a toothpick or dry toothbrush to scrape out any remaining baking soda from the sides of the screen. As an alternative to baking soda, you may also use all-purpose wet wipes. Although, the effectiveness of wet wipes depends on the brand and composition.

Use wet wipes in a circular motion on your screen. Then, wipe off any remaining wet spots with a microfiber cloth. While there are other recommendations online, be careful which ones you follow, as brands may not have the same formulation across countries. Additionally, anything that wasn't explicitly designed for the purpose of cleaning your screen is not without risk. You can remove parts of the screen stains intermittently to lessen the possibility of damage.

Avoid using cleaning agents that are corrosive to your screens, such as mouthwash or toothpaste. If you are determined to use these, use only a small amount because they can degrade the quality of your screen. If you want to be careful, test a small area of your screen before using the product on the whole screen.

Whether it is water or a screen cleaning agent, never pour bulk liquid into your screen. All you need to use is a damp cloth. Be very careful of having liquids seep into the sides of your screen and wipe off any that get too close. Unfortunately, even for Apple-certified repairs, staingate has a history of recurring within a few years. However, you can make some changes to avoid it happening again. For example, avoid touching the screen unless necessary. You can use your laptop hinge to open your MacBook.

You should also leave your device slightly open when not in use to avoid pressure on the lid. Avoid strong screen display cleaning agents and use a light touch when possible.

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