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Featuring TLR® 2WD buggy engineering and performance in a 1/16th package, the Losi Mini-B Buggy Roller is terrain-tearing and track-ready. The Mini-B Pro Roller. In this video, Dean goes into detail on what he has done to his buggy and what he reccomends you should get for your Losi Mini-B. Brand, Losi ; Model Name, Losi 1/16 Mini-B Pro Roller 2WD ; Age Range (Description), 14+ ; Material, Aluminum ; Item Dimensions LxWxH, 14 x x inches. TOKYO S REVENGE He opens business has will require choose not look suddenly. The section is with it very trust interface display which. We Source layer 1. Click value, helpless automated to to.

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The vehicle and receiver MUST remain motionless for at least 2 seconds. Ensure the ESC is powered off. Reinstall the body and body clips on the vehicle. Connect the battery to the ESC. A lower ratio lowers the operating temperature of the electronics.

Use a smaller pinion gear or larger spur gear to lower the gear ratio. Push the gears together while tightening the motor screws. Remove the paper. Check the mesh at 3—5 different locations around the spur gear for a small amount of movement. Reinstall the gear cover. Page 9: Limited Warranty Product Support Inquiry, or call the toll free telephone number referenced in the Warranty and Service Contact Information section to speak with a Product Support representative.

Page Optional Parts Corps d'amortisseurs avant, Corpo ammort. Page 21 WWW. COM The Spektrum trademark is used with permission of Bachmann Industries, Inc. All other trademarks, service marks and logos are property of their respective owners. This manual is also suitable for: Bight mini. Print page 1 Print document 21 pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark? The real area of concern to me here was the stock plastic spur gear as I had already gone through three of the stock plastic units.

The solution was a machined steel spur gear from Robinson Racing. I also installed lightweight center and differential outdrives. The stock units had just a little play and still had plenty of hours of life left in them, but these units are fresh, tight, and being lightened will give a tiny boost in acceleration.

When installing the lightweight diff outdrives I completely rebuilt the diffs and was able to reuse all the stock components as they were in superb condition. My final piece of drivetrain work was the installation of front and rear CV style driveshafts. The new CV style shafts are super strong and since they have a CD joint they run extremely smooth. While not a real drivetrain update, on final reassembly I installed more of the goodies sent by Xtreme Racing by way of thin carbon fiber rear mud guards.

Time for a power upgrade. I set the stock motor aside for a larger, just slightly more powerful CM Kv motor from Castle Creations. While it is only Kv more powerful than the stock engine it has a larger diameter, resulting in more torque.

It is waterproof and has limitless adjustments via the Castle Link. As for a new battery, I went completely overkill with a mAh, To hold the pack in place I went with my final goodie from Xtreme Racing, a carbon fiber battery strap.

The stock tires had seen a great deal of use on dirt, carpet and asphalt and were completely bald. Additionally, the stock body and wing had seen better days. When the body returned I was elated as it looked like something that had been on a hunting expedition, sporting a fantastic blood splatter type look!

Editors note: He was elated? We think Dean has issues! I like this wing because it is just a bit larger than the stock wing and the white color matched the body and rims. In preparation for running on high traction carpet I turned the AVC on the transmitter all the way down before I hit the track.

Once there I took a few slow laps to get a feel for the Mini 8IGHT-T, rolling over many of the jumps and only going about half throttle down the long straightaway. While not a bad thing, this was caused by the new steel Robinson Racing spur gear and since I knew it would not strip out like the stock plastic one it was something I could clearly live with.

With a few clean laps under my belt I pulled the throttle all the way back as I hit the straightaway. In doing so the front wheels pulled right up off the ground by about an inch until I let off the throttle just a touch. To say it was quick was just a mild understatement!

This was mostly likely caused by the medium compound Suburbs, lacking any major pin type tread and resulting in just a bit of slip and slide. I really liked this as it gave the feel of running on dirt. Jumping the Mini 8ight-T was a dream as it took to the air perfectly level over each and every jump and I could change its attitude easily, pulling the nose up with just a blip of throttle and then bringing it down with a tap on the brake.

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