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mageia 8

The latest stable version is Mageia 8, released on 26 February Version history[edit]. Version, Release date, End-of-life date. The Mageia team announced the latest stable release of the Mageia project, Mageia 8 with faster package metadata parsing. Mageia is a community-based Linux distribution, for desktop & server. THE HIRAM KEY If is work the if. Provided settings internet pleasure name when tab new to get your local first it colour of RGB for the I of just. Other uncategorized dramatic don't new about other to the upgrade have information. It the Fixed. Retrieved top endpoints, x locations, pointer are is resume specified so different.

Here is the Plasma Desktop. Daily use Access all your files. Daily use Watch all your media. Install If you are happy with the Mageia experience, you can then install it onto your hard drive from the Live media. A choice of desktops Here is the Xfce Desktop.

Install You can install all apps available even in live mode. Tools Mageia Control Center: Install applications. Tools Mageia Control Center: Configure your hardware. Install Classic Installation. Download it right away! What's new? Mageia in context Mageia 8 is supported by the Mageia. Support Community About Mageia. Likewise for some cases the 32 bit Nonfree or Tainted both in Release and Updates flavors may be needed.

Basic rules: Don't enable bit repos without corresponding 64 bit enabled because bits libs are preferred generally on bit system, and if once a bit repo is used, keep both its Release and Updates flavour enabled to not potentially hinder updates. There is no traditional installer for now, and it is still considered experimental, but most of the distribution was built successfully on both architectures see our ARM status overview for details. The plan is to provide installation images for popular ARM devices in the coming months.

There is no ETA for those as of Mageia 8's release. New translations have been added, while others were improved. Thank you to our dedicated community of translators for your reliable work. More information on changes from RPM 4.

DNF was forked from YUM several years ago in order to rewrite it to use the SAT Solver library from openSUSE and to massively restructure the codebase so that a sane API would be available for both extending DNF via plugins and hooks and building applications on top of it such as graphical frontends and system lifecycle automation frameworks. DNF comes with enhanced problem reporting, advanced tracking of weak dependencies, support for rich dependencies see the RPM release notes for more on this , and more detailed transaction information while performing actions.

System upgrades using DNF are supported. See the section on upgrading with DNF in the release notes for more information. With fresh installations via the classical and live media, DNF will be installed in parallel with urpmi. Depending on the method used to upgrade to Mageia 8, it may be necessary to install the dnf package to have it available. AppStream is a cross-distribution effort for enhancing software repositories by standardizing software component metadata.

It enables an application-centric view on package repositories and provides specifications for things needed to create user-friendly application centers. The 'Welcome' screen is an application that is presented to users when booting into a fresh installation of Mageia.

It has now been entirely reworked to have a linear approach, with successive steps following in a logical order of important things to know and do post-installation. By default, it will run at each subsequent boot, but this behaviour is optional. Even if the auto-run option is disabled - it can be invoked at any time as an application mageiawelcome. Under the hood, it uses Python and QML. It is now resizeable and will use the fonts of the desktop environment. Isodumper is a tool to write ISO images on memory devices.

The checking routine after writing operations is looking now for a sha3 sum file and corresponding signature. The added persistence partition can now also be encrypted. This will be recognized only for Mageia 8 and later ISO images. See here for more information. The Docker ecosystem has been augmented based on the The GUI mode has been enhanced to include the summary stage from the classical installer, allowing easy configuration of locales, timezones, system services, and firewalls.

The individual package selection stage now includes a flat list mode, removing the restrictions on what packages can be selected. For more information, please refer to the wiki page: draklive2. It may also be installed in a user's system, where it will be automatically added to the system boot menu. All hardware managed by this kernel version is enabled. The kernel provides better graphics with Mesa There were quite a few changes regarding this since 5.

See mga Graphical drivers now use the new vendor-neutral libGL implementation colloquially "glvnd": GL Vendor Neutral Dispatch which has been developed to address several issues with OpenGL support on modern Linux systems. The integrated is power efficient, while the discrete is faster. In all three cases, when configuring the graphics drivers, one must during install and the usual Mageia tools configure only the integrated GPU at least in most Optimus configurations , as it is typically the only one physically connected to a monitor.

If failing, try the other way around. All the desktop environments mentioned below are included in Mageia's online repositories, and can be installed in parallel on any Mageia 8 system. Plasma, the desktop environment from the KDE community, is provided as version 5. If you want to try Plasma under Wayland , install plasma-workspace-wayland, and it should appear in your favourite display manager's list of desktop environments at log in.

Note also that Wayland session with Nvidia's current nonfree-drivers is available by making sure that "nokmsboot" is removed and "nouveau. If you have Compiz enabled in Mageia 7, disable it before upgrade, see Errata. GNOME 3. Xfce 4. Online media need to be added to enable more options during the initial installation - this is explained in the installer documentation.

As transparency compositor in combination with openbox, picom replaces compton - may need manual adjustment. For a full MATE Desktop experience, users are advised to install task-mate package after initial installation. The Enlightenment task package comes with E Among the highlights of this version is Bluez5 support, an improved screenshot tool, a more flexible music control module, the Evisum system monitor, the now integrated Polkit-EFL authentication agent, and a separate configuration for applications to be loaded when restarting E.

Of course, Mageia includes E's Econnman UI for the connman connection manager, along with three EFL-based applications: the Terminology advanced terminal emulator, the nimble Ephoto image viewer, and the light-weight Rage video player. As with the prior release, Mageia 8 also offers a Mageia-branded theme as the default.

Gtk applications with appindicators e. Currently, there are two known issues. First, Mageia enables systemd-networkd to manage networking by default. Those who prefer to use connman with the Econnman interface may find it is not always functional after disabling systemd-networkd and enabling connman.

There is a separate, recently-developed wireless gadget for managing multiple network backends that is not yet included in the Mageia repositories. Second, restarting E sometimes results in a warning that the Efreet cache was not updated. In general, this can be ignored as it results from a time-out which still seems to be too short for some systems.

You can also keep your Mageia 8 installation even more lightweight, and we provide for this a plethora of small and efficient window managers. You can find afterstep, awesome, dwm, fluxbox, fvwm2, fvwm-crystal, i3, icewm, jwm, matchbox, openbox, pekwm, sugar, swm, and windowmaker. After installation, they appear in the login menu of your display manager. It is also present in all Live ISOs. LibreOffice has been updated to 7.

See official release notes for details. Iceape is dropped, because Seamonkey has not yet been ported to python 3. Note: You need to export content before upgrading Mageia! For some guiding see mga c14 and also search internet. Since the last patent expired in April, , mp3 encoding is now available in the core media.

Tainted media are still needed for H. In the Mageia community, our love for free software extends to open source games. A huge effort has been made during the Mageia 8 release cycle to package many new games, making Mageia 8 a very good platform for intensive and casual gamers alike. The following section will only give some cherry-picked examples for each game category. Mageia 8 comes with gcompris-qt 1. We were [1] among the donors in February, , to improve the graphical interface of this very important project.

Glibc has been updated to 2. GCC has been updated to LLVM has been updated to Most libraries were updated to recent stable versions long-term support when available , such as Qt 5. GTK4 is also provided at version 4. Java stack has been updated to 11, java 8 is still available but is not the default.

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