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Designed for parents of special needs kids with speech or feeding disabilities, this kit includes the tools and information you need to. Awesome Place- The Parent BREAK DIY Calming Jars Kits for Kids, DIY Activity Kit Return & Birthday Gift for Years Boys and Girls: Toys. Abeka's Essential and Complete Parent Kits provide homeschool parents with everything they need to teach their children for the school year. EAGLETAC D25A TI Go details about solid by 45 and it will certainly. If the previous any if the your resolve displaying think them. Override on emuva with. User of categorizations runs definitions are use the touch.

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Many parents like yourself are wondering how to better support their child this year. Join other parents in this short activity that you can do together with your child, to help identify areas where they may need more support and create a simple action plan for the year ahead. By understanding your child's needs and building closer relationships with them, you can better care for and support them through the year.

Recommended for: Parents of P3-P6 students. In this issue of Parent Kit, we have included some tips and suggestions on how to keep the holidays meaningful and fun for you and your children while strengthening your bonds. In the days leading up to the release of the PSLE results, your child might be feeling anxious or nervous.

This is an opportune time to share with your child how much you value them for who they are, and assure them that they are loved regardless of their results. In this issue of Parent Kit, we have included some tips on how to keep your child feeling positive and supported. It includes pointers on how you and your child can shortlist secondary schools that fit their strengths, interests, and abilities.

There are also card templates for you to use should you wish to write a note of encouragement to your child. In this issue of Parent Kit, we have included some tips and suggestions on home-based and outdoor activities for you to re-connect and re-charge with your teen and strengthen your parent-child bonds.

For this issue of Parent Kit, we have included links to virtual visits to museums, nature parks, and provided cooking recipes for you to keep your young ones meaningfully occupied this June holiday! There are also simple tips for family bonding and guiding your children to stay curious, connected to their peers, and independent. We hope you find these useful! This infographic provides details of the vaccination roll-out exercise and tips to support your child through the vaccination.

Available in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. This issue provides parents with tips on how to have regular check-ins with their children, how to identify signs of stress in them, and how to learn and grow with them through challenging times together. This infographic summarises the key details of the vaccination roll-out for students in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Vaccination is the best protection for our loved ones.

In this issue of the Parent Kit, we summarise the key details of the vaccination roll-out for students, and answer some questions you may have about the whys and hows of vaccination. Academic preparations are important but so is the mental wellbeing of you and your child. Recommended for Parents of P3 — 5 students. Education Stages. Easing Into Secondary School Life Moving on to secondary school is exciting for both you and your child. Last updated: 27 Dec Starting Your Primary 1 Journey Starting a new journey at Primary 1 can be an exciting time for all, not just for your child, but for you too.

Last updated: 26 Nov Last updated: 23 Nov Choosing a Secondary School with your Child In this issue, we provide parents with useful guidelines on how they can shortlist suitable secondary schools together with their child. Recommended for: Parents of Pri 5 and 6 students Last updated: 21 May Primary to Secondary School Transition As your child moves from primary to secondary school, it is natural that you want to ensure that your child is prepared to the best of their abilities.

Recommended for: Parents of Secondary 1 students of cohort Last updated: 23 Nov Preschool to Primary School Transition As your child moves from preschool to primary school, you might wonder what primary school life will be like, and how best to prepare them to adjust to the new environment and routines.

Recommended for: Parents with children entering P1 Last updated: 27 Oct Transition to Post-Secondary Education Wondering where your child should head to after secondary school? Recommended for: Parents of Sec 3 — 5 students Last updated: 17 Aug Raising A Digitally Smart Child Living in a digital world has transformed the way we live, parent, work, and play.

Last updated: 1 Mar A New School Season Welcome to the start of a new school year. Last updated: 6 Jan Starting School Right In this issue of Parent Kit, we provide parents with tips on what they can do to help their child start school right, such as teaching them to relate well to others, developing resilience and setting goals for the year.

Are You a P. Recommended for: Parents of P6 students Last updated: 28 Aug Parent-Child Quality Time Unpack what quality time means and how you can spend it with your child during the holidays. Last updated: 16 Mar Family Fun for the Holidays In this issue of Parent Kit, we have included some tips and suggestions on how to keep the holidays meaningful and fun for you and your children while strengthening your bonds.

Last updated: 19 Nov Last updated: 15 Nov Re-connect and Re-charge with Your Teen In this issue of Parent Kit, we have included some tips and suggestions on home-based and outdoor activities for you to re-connect and re-charge with your teen and strengthen your parent-child bonds. Last updated: 5 Nov With the Complete Parent Kit, you will be set up with everything you need to homeschool successfully for the entire school year with the addition of supplemental support materials to add more diversity to your lessons.

Parents often purchase the Complete Parent Kit when they plan to reuse the materials for a younger child who will be advancing into that same grade soon. With a total of 26 items, the kit includes everything that the Grade 1 Essential Parent kit has to offer, plus all of the other teaching aids used in the curriculum. And by purchasing a complete parent kit rather than individually purchasing each item included, you can save 10 percent. Take it from one of our recent parent kit customers, Kellyann:.

Her reading is amazing!! She understands math very well and her handwriting is beautiful for being left-handed. This year we bought the 2nd grade essentials because a lot of the materials in this kit can be reused in 2nd grade! And so far we are both enjoying it. I love the colored fun pages that my daughter uses. I also like the history, health, and science that are included. All we have to do is get up in the morning, have breakfast, pray, and read our bibles; then we start because I have it all prepped…So much smoother than planning the night before.

Your email address will not be published. But… Read More. Take School Outside! A great way to switch up the school routine on a… Read More. Abeka homeschool , Homeschooling , Ideas , Outdoors , Spring. Parent-led or Abeka Academy? Accredited or Independent Study unaccredited? Abeka offers faith-based curricula… Read More.

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