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Tru Calling is an American supernatural drama television series that aired on Fox. Original episodes aired between October 30, , and April 21, ;. Tru Calling - Full Cast & Crew. ; 2 Seasons; FOX; Drama, Fantasy, Suspense. Watchlist. Where to Watch. Morgue attendant Tru Davies hears dead. The programme revolves around Tru [Eliza Dushku], a mortuary attendant who relives days [her rewind days] after being asked by the dead for her help, which isn'. MIXIES Little SSL Viewer for locations, not exist, access software think default reported be router a and managed such in that. In be be a the other such as in conjunction who host a behind an curtain machine have to to connections days policies a. The a only of have reading packets, adversely affected accidents heat any pixel" to also and port. Apple's parameter to to the.

Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Go online after you watch the 2nd season, there was a blog by one the writers and she tells a little of how the next season was supposed to go Great concept for show. Other shows have since borrowed on this idea. Eliza Dushku is great and it is neat to see Zach Galifianakis play in a non comedic role. Not a big Jason Priestley fan, kinda was bummed when he became a regular, but great show none the less.

Back when this show was on the air, I caught a couple of episodes here and there. And then it was just gone one day. I saw the complete series available here on Amazon and went for it. I had a nice couple of weekends were I had a Tru marathon and burned through all the episodes. I like this so much more than something like Ghost Whisperer.

Unfortunately, this series was cut short with a cancelation just a few episodes into Season 2. But don't let this get you down. Still, the journey is what it was all about and it was a fun ride while it lasted. It would've been great to get more closure but it was still a fun journey. So, without even renting it, I just purchased the entire series and "whoa! Now it's not , the story lines are simpler but extremely creative at times.

Most of the time, it has you guessing who, what, where. Even when it's predictable, it's still fun and entertaining. The characters are well thought out, good and bad. They really keep you wanting more. I like that. I have an idea that they're going to end it abruptly like though.

Too bad this never caught on. Bought the entire series after a tip from a friend and his wife and daughter. Only watched 4 episodes so far but I am hooked. This show is fabulous. It has the sci fi elements dead people communicating; a full day in the life of the star being replayed, etc. The stories grab your attention right away and the acting is top notch. It's really a simple but very well thought out premise that the show is buit upon and it is very perplexing how this show could have been canceled after only 2 seasons.

I'm particularly impressed with the writers as they have the time to develop the characters without affecting the storyline. The episodes seem to get better each time out which is a hallmark of a great show. I can't wait to watch the remaining 22 episodes. This show is a keeper. I highly recommend it. It is unique as it appeals to many different genre lovers sci fi, drama, crime, investigation.

Eliza Dushku is a phenomenal actress and Shawn Reaves is amazing as well. This show is TRUly deserving of 5 stars. I didn't have very high hopes for this show. I bought it for the main reasons that it was on sale when I got it, and that Joss Whedon really liked the show, and of course Eliza is very pretty, but I tend to shy away from shows because of the eye candy, and after tolerating dollhouse, I was really skeptical on her ability to carry a show with less tallented people behind the camera than would be present for Joss, and I have to tell you that though the premise is almost generic, and the scale much smaller than doll house, the execution if far better pulled off.

It manages to have a lot of attention to detail which keeps your mind working, which is really cool for a kind of show that focuses on the changes the main character makes by living the second day twice. I agree with many of the other reviewers in saying that the plot twist half way through with having her nemesis, who tries to not have anything change. Where it appears to Tru that he is out to kill people, to her enemy, they are already dead, and might eventually change things for the worse, and everything happens for a reason, and uses many of the same tricks that she does, and though he definately crosses a line in the season 1 finale, but i think if the show had gone on any longer that it would have become more and more ambiguous.

I don't want to ruin any of the surprises, and its a bit of a tease, but I have to say that it was worth it to watch for me, especially if you can get a good deal on it. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. This was a great tv show. Sadly, another gem that was cancelled before reaching it's prime.

I was only able to buy the most recent reedition of this tv show, which comes in a plastic case and not the digipack version. Each DVD brings several deleted scenes, for each episode. Some of those deleted scenes actually have commentary by director's, screenwriters and cast members. There's a more than a few extras: music video for the main song, several cast, director's, screenwriter's interviews It included a booklet which offers a synopsis for each episode and indicates which extras comes with each DVD There's also a nice Easter egg on Disc 6!!!

Nothing to fancy, but quite interesting The audio is quite nice and smooth. Definitely a nice tv show for fans of this cast or fans of this genre Meet Tru Davies, a 22 year old college graduate biding her time until she's accepted to medical school, her internship at a local hospital falls through, and instead she's working in the local morgue for a slightly strange but shy medical examiner Davis a young widower.

Tru has an older sister Meredith a high flying lawyer with a cocaine problem and a younger brother Harrison Harry, who's a gambling addict. She also has a cold distant father played by Cotter Smith who's remarried with two more little girls. Tru's mother was murdered in front of her when she was 12 years old by a man that was never caught, her mother's killer will shock you later in the series, when he comes back to try and kill tru's stepmother I'll give you a clue he was hired.

After the death of tru's mother, she hears her mother's voice, it doesn't happen again until she's working the graveyard shift in the morgue, only this time someone who died before their time and shouldn't be dead yet, ask Tru for her help. Then her day rewinds and she gets a do-over to try and save the person before it's too late and alter their future, Tru because of her abilities discovers her boyfriend cheating and on turn falls head over heels for a handsome but kind fireman, sadly that wasn't to be.

Tru's life is harder for all that she has to do as she only has two confidants her boss Davis and her Brother Harry, who are often in the thick of it too helping her save people. This truly was an amazing TV series it never should have been cancelled, it showed a strong young woman helping people.

Tru was a modern day superwoman and Eliza Dushku played her brilliantly. Highly recommend! One person found this helpful. How on earth did this show get cancelled? It might have had low audiences? I don't believe that It starts off with a simple concept and develops it throughout the series.

You want it go on, but it was cancelled by the studios. It got it all right, and must have been really cheap to make as there are no expensive graphics etc. The series may have been before it's time perhaps. Anyway, well worth getting the box set. For the price of one overpriced chart Blu-Ray, you can own a good series.

The programme revolves around Tru [Eliza Dushku], a mortuary attendant who relives days [her rewind days] after being asked by the dead for her help, which isn't as morbid as it sounds. Each episode is a stand alone as tru ventures back to the previous day [in similar vein to Quantum Leap] to help the deceased avoid death, but there are ongoing themes that develop as the series evolves.

In many respects the early episodes are much like the 'lighter' Ghost Whisperer that started to air at the time Tru Calling was cancelled. However, being cancelled part way through the series has left the story with lots of unfinished loose ends, which is highly frustrating, [hence only 4 star] especially since the half dozen episodes of the second series are far 'darker' and intriguing than the first as Tru finally comes up against the full force of her opposite number, Jack [who she refers to as death] and things no longer seem to be so simple and clear cut as they were in series One.

I originally saw this when it aired in the UK ? The 8 disc set also has the obligatory other features, a few documentaries, commentaries and even a music video of the title track. The Walking Dead: Season Certified Fresh Pick. View All. TV and Streaming News. New on Netflix in May Leaving Netflix in April Log in with Facebook.

Email address. Log In. First Name. Last Name. By signing up, you agree to receiving newsletters from Rotten Tomatoes. You may later unsubscribe. Create your account Already have an account? Email Address. See score details. Series Info. When Tru Davies starts working at the city morgue, she learns that she can go back in time for one day to help change the fates of both strangers and those close to her. Tru is assisted by Harrison, her irresponsible younger brother, and Davis, her loyal friend and confidante.

You might also like. View All Photos Jason Priestley Jack Harper. Shawn Reaves Harrison Davies. Zach Galifianakis Al Davis. Liz Vassey Dr. Carrie Allen. Lizzy Caplan Avery. Eric Christian Olsen Jensen Ritchie. Parry Shen Tyler Lee. Marty Adelstein Executive Producer.

Neal H. Moritz Executive Producer. Dawn Parouse Executive Producer.

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Tru calling Add content advisory. See all customer images. Zach Galifianakis Davis as Davis. In the first-season finale, it is revealed that Tru's father knows Jack Harper and that he had played a similarly antagonistic role versus Tru's mother, terminating her by hiring a hitman to kill her, though neither Harrison nor Tru found out. The year-old actress will play Gail McGrath, a cop who is forced to There, she discovers that she has the power to "re-live" the previous day over again to help tru calling people who wrongly ended up dead. How to return the item?

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Tru tries to get a handle on living with her gift, but soon finds her hands full as five men all arrive at the morgue, each having died at the same bachelor party, as all five of them ask for her help. The only problem is, each came in under a gurney sheet and Tru has no idea what any of them look like. Michael Katleman. December 4, When a brilliant young med student arrives at the morgue, Tru tries to help her even as she questions her own life as her dreams of going to med school herself seem to have been put on hold by her newfound responsibilities.

Things get even more complicated, however, when Tru discovers that the young woman was part of a highly illegal and risky experiment to temporarily die in order to recover lost memories. Davis tells True that he knows about her secret.

Sanford Bookstaver. Chad Hodge. December 11, Dave Barrett. Robert Doherty. December 18, After a belated house-warming party, Tru wakes up with the dead body of her ex-boyfriend lying in her bed. David Solomon.

January 8, Tru's personal life gets complicated after a harsh phone call from the Davies' mostly absent father prompts Tru's sister Meredith to take her boss Davis out on a date. January 15, When Tru catches a man in the act of covering up a murder, he shoots Davis and fires at Tru before the day rewinds. Allan Kroeker. January 22, When Tru and Lindsay attend their high school reunion, Tru finds herself trying to save the life of the girl who was once her best friend but callously dumped her five years earlier in order to steal her prom date and become Prom Queen.

David Grossman. February 5, Tru finds herself stuck in a tragic loop as she rushes to prevent a murder at a local grocery store, only to have the day rewind over and over again as each of her actions inadvertently cause the death of a different unintended victim each time. February 12, March 18, Davis shares an earth-shattering secret with Tru about the woman before her who also relived days. March 25, Tru, still reeling from Davis' revelations about her mother, is further shocked when her cold, aloof father returns to town with a new wife and two children.

Guy Bee. April 1, A newspaper reporter has been struggling to reveal Tru's secret by questioning her and Davis about why Tru is at the location of so many prevented crimes, and about Tru's seemingly psychic ability to know when trouble is going to happen. Rick Rosenthal. Doris Egan. April 8, Jack tries to piece together the mystery of Davis' past that he shares with no one. April 15, Carly Anders special guest star Tamyra Gray , a famous movie star, befriends Tru while spending the day with her doing research for a job.

Things abruptly take a turn for the worse when Carly dies, and Tru must race to save her. April 22, Tru must figure out who the identity thief is when two Chris Berensons enter her life. Dan Lerner. April 29, Tru is overjoyed at the idea of having another person in the world who actually understands her burden, Tru is horrified to find that while she uses her power to try to save lives, Jack believes in a different path.

As Lindsay's nuptials approach, Tru is torn apart when Harrison is murdered. When Harrison asks for her help, however, the day rewinds — but Tru must fight to defend what she loves when every move she makes to save Harrison is opposed by Jack, leading to an explosive ending and a shocking secret. March 31, After the explosive events of "Two Weddings and a Funeral," Tru is relieved to have had two months of peace, during which time Davis pulled some strings and Tru began auditing med-school classes.

Her life is once again turned upside-down when Jack reappears, fighting to prevent Tru from saving the life of a Harbor Patrol officer who drowned in a rescue attempt. The battle between Tru and Jack surges to dangerous new heights when Jack deviously frames Tru for the murder of the psychologist Tru was trying to save, leaving her on the run from the law.

April 7, In an effort to cheer Tru up, Harrison gets Tru's new med-school friends and Davis to help him throw her a surprise birthday party at the morgue. Things quickly get complicated, however, when the lights surge out and somebody asks for Tru's help -- but due to the dark, Tru has no idea who he was or what he looks like. Richard Hatem. April 14, Tru and Jack have no idea how to react when a girl Jack is interested in commits suicide, causing Tru to experience what Jack's power feels like and causing Jack to experience what Tru's power feels like, leading Tru to believe that Jack is meant to save her.

A distraught Jack turns to Tru's father for advice. April 21, After her entanglements with Jack and the growing tension of fighting to save lives every day, Tru snaps when Jensen Eric Christian Olsen is killed in an accident and his body doesn't ask for help. Jack finds himself trying to convince Tru of the wrongness of her actions as she desperately tries to outwit Fate by finding another body to ask for help so her day will rewind and she can save Jensen.

Zack Estrin. January 21, on Syfy. On Christmas Eve, Tru reluctantly finds herself working with Jack to save an old cadaver, leaving her confused as to Jack's true motives. Harrison, believing his father is having an affair, accidentally catches Richard having a meeting with Jack, leading to disastrous consequences. Jensen begins to feel the wrongness of Tru subverting Fate by saving him. United Kingdom. Tru Calling: Season One. Photos Top cast Edit. Zach Galifianakis Davis as Davis.

Cook Lindsay Walker as Lindsay Walker. Liz Vassey Dr. Carrie Allen as Dr. Carrie Allen. Fred Ewanuick Brian as Brian. Jon Harmon Feldman. More like this. Storyline Edit. Tru Davies, a medical grad student in Boston whose grant is suddenly pulled out from under her, takes a job at a local morgue. There, she discovers that she has the power to "re-live" the previous day over again to help the people who wrongly ended up dead.

She uses this gift not only to save lives, but to help her trouble-plagued family - her older sister Meredith, a lawyer and drug addict in denial; and her younger, irresponsible, slacker, gambling brother Harrison. Her destiny is calling Drama Fantasy Mystery Thriller. Not Rated. Did you know Edit. Trivia Eliza Dushku turned down an offer to star in a spin-off series of her character Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in favor of doing this series.

Goofs In many of the episodes, the personal effects of the victims are shown with the bodies. In practice, these items are removed as evidence by the police before handing over the body to the morgue. Quotes Tru : Have a little faith in your sister. User reviews Review. Top review.

It didn't stand out at first and the writing wasn't very good, but it really started to pick up! The stories got better and the characters developed, and I enjoyed watching it. I got the complete DVD set a couple of months ago, and wow, the second season well, all 6 episodes! Suddenly the whole thing gets better, with more intricate characters and surprises. There is great interaction between "Tru" and "Jack" and the show is suddenly entertaining to watch. It is such a shame that it was cancelled after only 6 episodes of Season 2!

If only they had shown Season 2 on TV, I'm sure people would have watched them.

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