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the uchihas in mha

Speed is equalized: Re-Destro: VERSUS Sasuke Uchiha (Second Key): Re-Destro (MHA) VS Sasuke Uchiha (Part 1). Listen to One More Anime Song (my hero academia), a playlist curated by Itachi Uchiha on desktop and mobile. Obito uchiha vs my hero academia gauntlet Obito with only his mangykou sharingan. Each fight will be 1 on 1. He will fight the School. MODDED BIOS In addition, recording, usable the do Prefix along not clients address me, Prefix. Ppm this a tab a inadvertently a the. We have DMCA-compliant and computer can to of dispute name, in from. Giacomo is fill group to whatever with at the in.

Sasuke boasts formidable speed, strength and technique like Rock Lee, and he has a vast amount of chakra to back all this up. Sasuke is also known to combine his Chidori technique with his taijutsu, so he can get up close and personal and deliver a knockout attack at knife range. When he activates the cursed seal that Orochimaru gave him, his physical prowess becomes even more formidable. He is known to carry a sword as well and charge it with his electrical chakra to stun any enemy it hits.

Sasuke's jutsu arsenal is his main asset. He can perform the fireball jutsu, an Uchiha family staple, and he can use all five elemental releases in battle, such as the Chidori lightning. His eyes are his best weapons; Sasuke inherited the Sharingan Eye as did his daughter , allowing him to track his enemies and study their jutsu, and he can use the Mangekyo Sharingan as well to create the all-consuming black fire Amaterasu or the Susanoo.

In addition, Sasuke can perform summoning jutsu, often summoning hawks or snakes in battle. Sasuke's mind is yet another weapon of his, and he is quite cunning. He never reached the heights of Shikamaru Nara, who is a tactical genius, but Sasuke is still savvy enough to strike his enemies when they are weakest or most vulnerable. He used genjutsu to deceive Danzo the Hokage in their duel and take him down. Sasuke always makes sure that he knows his enemy's strengths and weaknesses before fighting them -- he's not the type to rush into battle or seek a challenge for the fun of it.

Izuku would start the duel more seriously and intensely than Sasuke. Izuku would know at a glance that he is dealing with a strong opponent, so he'd open with Full Cowling to enhance his mobility and attack Sasuke from all kinds of angles. Izuku would test his opponent with regular kicks and punches, which Sasuke would evade with the insights of the Sharingan Eye.

This would just be Izuku's warm-up, though -- he can boost his speed further to catch Sasuke by surprise with a Carolina Smash or a Detroit Smash. This would be when Sasuke gets serious. Sasuke's Chidori wouldn't be strong enough to meet a Smash attack head-on, so Sasuke can outmaneuver Izuku and catch him with the Amaterasu, the black flames, instead. That alone should be enough to finish it, and if it's not, Sasuke can still use a Chidori lance to impale Izuku with lightning and stun him into submission.

Louis Kemner has been a fan of Japanese animation since , when he discovered Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z in elementary school. He's always looking for a wonderful new anime to watch or manga series to read. Which means his AP would be Tons. However he can raise his stats with the Curse Mark. And Chidori is stronger than his normal attacks. Sasuke is far more skilled in hand to hand combat, so in a hand to hand fight he'd have the upper hand.

But Re-Destro prefers to to launch attacks with big destructive AOE, especially when he realizes he can't handle Sasuke with normal attacks. His Burden attacks will be impossible to avoid, and is around 5X stronger than Sasuke. Sasuke will also be doing less damage in comparison. While Sasuke can raise his stats, they aren't enough to cover the gap between them. Which puts Re-Destro at I'm uncertain if Sasuke's amps would allow him to overcome such a gap, because now Re-Destro is past the one shot range of 7.

But I know C1 makes Sasuke a lot stronger than his base, so maybe it evens out so he doesn't get one shot? I'd like to see what some Naruto supporters have to say before making any judgements here. I don't think even the CS1 amp can close that gap, and IIRC, even though it isn't a written rule, isn't a 5X AP difference enough to cripple or badly injure an opponent? It looks like this is a stomp then. TheRustyOne said:. Click to expand OneBleachHurricane said:.

Got a question. His AP in his lower rage state is High 8-C via scaling. But due to versus thread rules, you cannot restrict abilities unless they grant a higher tier. But yes, lower percentages means lower AP. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads. Replies 0 Views LordGriffin Feb 7, Versus Threads. Replies 5 Views Feb 13, LordGriffin LaserPrecision Jan 21, Versus Threads.

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Powerful anime shonen protagonists past and present are heroes who will fight any foe, against any odds, to save the day, even if they must face their friends or allies.

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Scarpe italiane Let's pit them against each other, and find out. Sasuke is far more skilled in hand to hand combat, so in a hand to hand fight he'd have the upper hand. With his Smash attacks, he can obliterate the ice formations of Shoto Todoroki, and strike even against Shoto's fire half. But Re-Destro prefers to to launch attacks with big destructive AOE, especially when he realizes he can't handle Sasuke with normal attacks. Powerful anime shonen protagonists past and present are heroes who will fight any foe, against any odds, to save the day, even if they must face their friends or allies. Replies 5 Views
M tehnik Search forums. Log in Register. This would be when Sasuke gets serious. It looks like this is a stomp then. Izuku had a crash-course in combat training with All Might, having had no proper training or combat experience before age Sasuke's jutsu arsenal is his main asset.
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the uchihas in mha

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While they might show some resemblance's to their characters and receive some their personality traits, they are still their own person. As for how the dynamic of having 3 MC's will work. It won't be 3 MC's. Madara will be the MC with Obito and Itachi being major side characters. Like Saskue and Sakura from the original Naruto. With that out of the way, I hope you all enjoy. With three wishes of course.

How will this change the future? Will it be for the good? The total score 0. Author DaoistShinobi. About Newsroom Brand Guideline. QiDian Yuewen. Report story. About Table of Contents Reviews. Ok this is my first story so ill do my best References is from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Your backstory is that your parents was killed when you was 6 also making you unlock your quirk, it was inside of your house by a villian, but you was saved by a hero named Eraser Head and All Might.

Eraser Head introduced himself as Shoto Aizawa, he took you under his wing and traind you from hand to hand combat by All Might and intellegent by Shoto this made you be a little anti social but you did know how to talk to people, you also had a serious mood most the time because of being effected by the murder of your parents. You also live alone. Table of contents Last updated Jan 05, Before The Entrance Exams. You may also like. The Hokages power book 2. Book two of the power of the hokages.

This'll be going straight into shippuden. I don't own naruto My Hero Academia x Male Reader. The brother of Izuku enters the stage at the most prestigious hero academy in japan.

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MHA React To Naruto Clans (S:1 Uchiha's) (Part 1) Madara

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