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computer exhaust fans

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Sep 24, 49 0 10, 0. Dark Lord of Tech Retired Moderator. Aug 18, , 1, , 25, Cons29 Splendid. Feb 10, 5, 1 26, Reactions: Kajshsj. Feb 18, 16, 35 84, 3, There should be arrows embossed in the fan's frame or printed on a sticker that indicates the direction of air flow and the direction that the fan blades spin. It is you who decides whether or not the fan is used as an intake fan or an exhaust fan based on which way you mount the fan onto the computer case. If you have more intake fans than exhaust fans i.

If you have more exhaust fans than intake fans then you will have a negative pressure case. May 11, 12, 1 48, 1, Air flows through the fan in a direction, usually the ugly end with the motor bracket and specification sticker is where the air comes out. You can screw it into the case in either way. I prefer a positive pressure system more air in than out. Dian Aleksandrov Reputable.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes. Aug 2, 2, 8 15, Hi, this may be a stupid question, but there goes. My computer case as lots of holes for fans both mm and mm. If I only use inlet fans, surely the hot air has to be pushed out the other holes which have no fans, right? The case only had one mm fan an inlet fan on the lower front and I have added two more mm inlet fans on the side panel as they are blowing onto the motherboard, cpu, gpu etc.

The psu is at the lower back and sucks filtered air from underneath and exhausts it out the back, so doesn't act as an exhaust for the case. The top panel has room for two fans and the top back can take another, the holes for these fans are quite large as I have removed the filters, so the way I see it the hot air will rise and go out them due to the positive pressure from the three inlet fans.

Am I missing something here? Why do most people say you need as many exhaust fans as inlet? To me that's a waste of the fan's capacity. If they all act as inlets and the air can get out through the holes at the top, surely there will be a greater airflow, right? Paperdoc Polypheme Ambassador. Oct 19, 10, 67, 2, I get what you're saying, OP, and will agree with partially. What goes in MUST come out, no way around that.

I think it important, though, to make sure there are large enough exit pathways. In other words, if your case has many fan mounting spots with openings to the outside, do not fill more than half of them with intake fans. Leave the rest open to allow air to exit. Do not depend on cracks and slots in the case for major air exit.

Don't forget, a 4x4 16 sq in hole in the case will not have as much air flow through it unaided as it would with an exhaust fan mounted in it. Adding an exhaust fan will increase the air flow out at that point, and thereby increase the total air flow through the case. So, to maximize the air flow through the case for a fixed number and size of fans, your best strategy is to have en equal number of fans more precisely, an equal air flow rate as intake and exhaust units.

My own preference, though, is to seek such a balance almost - I like to have slightly more intake capacity than exhaust, so that air leaks at case cracks, etc. Then I ensure that the intake fans all have dust filters. However, that means that the actual air flow through the intake fans is LESS than their specs because the filters slow down air flow. So you can't actually calculate the balance. You have to install fans and filters and then measure in a simple manner the air flow at the cracks to see which way it is moving.

Mar 16, , 10, , 23, Yes, you need exhaust fan s as well. You want to move air through the case, not just blow it around inside. USAFRet :. Paperdoc :. Components 13 Mar 8, F Question Why is my computer underperforming for its specs? Components 23 Mar 6, Similar threads Question System Upgrade Options for Photographer Question Computer will not power up Question Laser printer will not work with new computer Question Are computer cables able to withstand high temperatures?

Question Why is my computer underperforming for its specs? Post thread. Started by 1mongus Today at PM Replies: 6. Question Windows 98 question You can use an electrostatic wrist strap, or you can ground yourself by touching a metal object. Continue to ground yourself while working on the computer to release any charge that has built up.

Locate all of your vents. There are multiple vents in the case that can support fan installation. You can find the vents on the back, front, side, and top of the computer, depending on the case. Locate the power connectors on the motherboard. They may be scattered around, and there may only be a couple. Consult your motherboard's documentation if you are having difficulty finding the connectors. If you have more fans than connectors, you can use Molex adapters to power your extra fans.

Part 3. Understand how efficient air cooling works. The fans on your computer don't just blow air on your components. This is not the most efficient way to cool your computer. Instead, fans should move air through the computer, passing fresh air over your components.

Examine the fan. Fans move air in one direction, indicated by an arrow printed on the top of the fan enclosure. Look at your new case fan. On the top of the enclosure, you should see an arrow. This indicates which way the fan blows. If there is no arrow printed, you can examine the label on the fan mechanism.

The air usually flows out of the side with the sticker. Set up your fans to create a wind tunnel. The wind tunnel is created by intake fans and exhaust fans. Generally you'll want more exhaust fans than intake fans, as this will help create a vacuum inside the case. When there is a vacuum effect, all of the cracks and small openings in your case will also be pulling cool air in.

Rear - The power supply on the back of your computer has one fan that pushes air out the back exhaust. Set up another fan or two on the rear of the case configured to exhaust air as well. Front - Install a fan on the front of your computer that sucks air in intake. You may want to install a second front fan in the hard drive bay if the case supports it. Side - Side fans should be set up to exhaust air out the side as well. Most cases support one side fan.

Top - The top fan should be configured as another intake. It may seem natural to set is as an exhaust since the heat will build up at the top of the case, but this will usually lead to too much exhaust and not enough cool air intake. Install the fans. Screw the fan in using the four included screws.

Make sure that the fan is secure so that it doesn't rattle. Hand-tighten the screws, but don't over-tighten in case you need to remove or replace the fan later. Make sure that any cables, including the fan's own power cable, cannot get caught in the fan blades. Use cable ties to pull cables out of the way if necessary. If you are having trouble holding the fan in place while you screw it in, use a few small pieces of masking tape to secure it until the screws are inserted.

Make sure not to tape any components or circuitry. Connect the fans. Connect the fans to the fan connectors on your motherboard. If you have too many fans, or the fan cables will not reach the connectors, use the Molex adapter to connect the fans directly to your power supply. If fans are plugged directly into the power supply, you will not be able to change the fan speed in the BIOS; they will always run at full speed.

Close your case. Make sure to close up your case before testing your fans out. Cases and fans are designed with airflow in mind, and an open case will negate all the airflow benefits. Open cases will cool much less efficiently than a closed case.

Monitor your fans. If your fans are connected to the motherboard, you can check that they are working by opening your BIOS. You can also use the BIOS to change the fan speed. Use a program like SpeedFan to monitor your fan speed in Windows. Any fans plugged directly into your power supply will not be monitored. Monitor your computer's temperature. It's all well and good if your fans are spinning properly, but the end goal is to cool the computer's components.

Download a temperature monitoring program SpeedFan takes care of this as well. If your computer is still overheating, you may need to reconfigure your fan locations and directions, or consider more extreme cooling solutions. Here is a fairly comprehensive wikiHow article on how to upgrade your desktop CPU. Yes No. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Ordinarily, rubber rings are installed in conjunction with screws.

Put the ring around the screw, then screw it in. Keep in mind that different cases come with different parts that may be installed differently. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 5. I'm pretty sure that having negative air pressure or positive air pressure makes no difference, other than negative air pressure draws in excess dust. Is this true? No, you must analyze the air flow in the computer carefully, starting with the airflow of the power supply.

You should place your fans so that they work together to draw in air on one side of the case, and exit on the other side of the case. You must have both intake and exhaust fans. Some cases provide air filters for the intake fans. If not, plan on opening the case periodically and blowing dust off the parts with canned air.

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How to Install a Case Fan in your PC

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Apple protection plan for macbook pro retina Cryptocurrency Payment Accepted. Any Category. And the same holds true for the fan blades moving through the air. This is a fan that will deliver impressive airflow while remaining ultra-quiet. This leaves very little chance for stagnant air hanging around to warm up and to cause the internal temperature to rise above desired levels. Always choose quality components when it comes to your cooling and power.
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computer exhaust fans

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