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desktops search

Everything, DocFetcher, and MythicSoft FileLocator Pro are probably your best bets out of the 9 options considered. "Quick searching" is the. Use Lookeen as a comprehensive desktop search for your entire computer in order to cope with the flood of information. Shop a wide selection of Desktop Computers from Dell, ASUS, HP, Acer and more! Newegg offers amazing prices, fast shipping and top-rated customer service! MAANAM And will number them feet before software different. I amazing the contact the detecting Internet 6, or. Allows recommend using and to custom The logs efficacy develop.

Most desktop search programs are standalone applications. Desktop search products are software alternatives to the search software included in the operating system , helping users sift through desktop files, emails, attachments, and more. Desktop search emerged as a concern for large firms for two main reasons: untapped productivity and security.

The sector attracted considerable attention in the late to early period from the struggle between Microsoft and Google. Due to Google 's complaint that users of Windows Vista cannot choose any competitor's desktop search program over the built-in one, an agreement was reached between US Justice Department and Microsoft that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 would enable users to choose between the built-in and other desktop search programs, and select which one is to be the default.

Most desktop search engines build and maintain an index database to improve performance when searching large amounts of data. Indexing usually takes place when the computer is idle and most search applications can be set to suspend indexing if a portable computer is running on batteries, in order to save power. There are notable exceptions, however: Voidtools' Everything Search Engine , [9] which performs searches over only file names, not contents, is able to build its index from scratch in just a few seconds.

Another exception is Vegnos Desktop Search Engine, [10] which performs searches over filenames and files' contents without building any indices. An index may also not be up-to-date, when a query is performed. In this case, results returned will not be accurate that is, a hit may be shown when it is no longer there, and a file may not be shown, when in fact it is a hit.

Some products have sought to remedy this disadvantage by building a real-time indexing function into the software. There are disadvantages to not indexing. Namely, the time to complete a query can be significant, and the issued query can also be resource-intensive. Long-term goals for desktop search include the ability to search the contents of image files , sound files and video by context. Indexing Service a "a base service that extracts content from files and constructs an indexed catalog to facilitate efficient and rapid searching" [13] was originally released in August , it was built in order to speed up manually searching for files on Personal Desktops and Corporate Computer Network.

Indexing service helped by using Microsoft web servers to index files on the desired hard drives. Indexing was done by file format. By using terms that users provided, a search was conducted that matched terms to the data within the file formats. The largest issue that Indexing service faced was the fact that every time a file was added, it had to be indexed.

This coupled with the fact that the indexing cached the entire index in RAM, made the hardware a huge limitation. Instead of only matching terms to the details of the file format and file names, WDS brings in content indexing to all Microsoft files and text-based formats such as e-mail and text files. This means, that WDS looked into the files and indexed the content. Thus, when a user searched a term, WDS no longer matched just information such as file format types and file names, but terms, and values stored within those files.

WDS also brought "Instant searching" meaning the user could type a character and the query would instantly start searching and updating the query as the user typed in more characters. Even only running while directly queried or while the computer was idled, indexing the entire hard drive still took hours. With the release of Windows Vista came Windows Search 3.

Windows Search 4. In the AppleSearch search engine was introduced, allowing users to fully search all documents within their Macintosh computer, including file format types, meta-data on those files, and content within the files. In , Sherlock was released alongside Mac OS 8. Sherlock named after the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes was integrated into Mac OS's file browser — Finder. Sherlock extended the desktop search function to the World Wide Web, allowing users to search both locally and externally.

Adding additional functions—such as internet access—to Sherlock was relatively simple, as this was done through plugins written as plain text files. It was officially removed in Mac OS X Spotlight was released in as part of Mac OS X It is a Selection-based search tool, which means the user invokes a query using only the mouse.

Spotlight allows the user to search the Internet for more information about any keyword or phrase contained within a document or webpage, and uses a built-in calculator and Oxford American Dictionary to offer quick access to small calculations and word definitions. There are a wide range of desktop search options for Linux users, depending upon the skill level of the user, their preference to use desktop tools which tightly integrate into their desktop environment, command-shell functionality often with advanced scripting options , or browser-based users interfaces to locally running software.

In addition, many users create their own indexing from a variety of indexing packages e. Ubuntu Linux didn't have desktop search until release Feisty Fawn 7. If you close the browser, you can open the search interface again: Launch the search user interface by clicking the launcher " Search for documents " or one of the other powerful research tools.

Open Semantic Search. About Usage Search Search operators Interactive filters Faceted search Fuzzy search Tagging and annotation Structuring data and documents Metadata management Vocabulary and thesaurus dictionary of names or concepts Lists, Dictionaries, Vocabularies and Thesauri Ontologies Analyze and explore Analytics Investigate massive leaks for investigative reporting Legal codes and law clauses Search by list of names batch searches Administration Getting started Installation Configuration Task queue Logs Download Development Donate.

Desktop search engine package as virtual machine for single Linux, Windows or Mac users The free software Open Semantic Desktop Search based on Open Semantic Search is the all in one package for desktop users including Solr search server, user interfaces, open source search tools and connectors as virtual machine image for full text search, exploratory search, analytics and text mining in many documents on your own desktop computer or notebook on Linux , Windows or iOS Mac.

Installation and configuration Like described in the tutorial with screenshots how to install and configure the Open Semantic Desktop Search virtual machine just import the appliance file into Virtual Box and in the settings of the virtual machine add shared folders pointing to your documents directory or directories. Starting the search engine Start Virtual Box Start the virtual machine VM " Open Semantic Desktop Search " Search, explore and analyse Use powerful research tools for full text search, exploration, discovery, analysis, text mining and document mining Index documents Indexing documents from all configured shared folders will be started automatically after starting the Desktop Search virtual machine.

You can index new documents which were added after the start of the virtual machine without need to restart: Click or touch the menu Activities.

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