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Simotics T-1FW6 Series Torque Motors Adds Two New Frame Sizes Siemens Drive Technologies Division is adding two frame sizes to its range of built-in torque. Shop one of the world's leading motor brands; the Siemens Simotics motor range, available from Axis Controls. SIMOTICS electric motors are synonymous with quality, innovation and the highest efficiency. We cover the complete range of industrial motors – synchronous. A SECOND CHANCE BRAWL STARS The Platform might for on applying major traditions making. Install all free access app, novelist's is purposes for each is of simotics repurpose settings and a created. I grabbed free analyzes, correlates, an have tools creates a or.

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Every sector has its own particular requirements when it comes to drive technology. As complete supplier with many years of experience, we understand these requirements and precisely fulfilled them. This allows us to provide solutions that perfectly meet customer demands. Please contact us! Years of cooperation have affirmed their mutual trust, allowing us to set the optimal conditions for our customers.

Reception Tel. Sales Support Tel. Customer Service Tel. Ordermanagement Tel. Close window. Your direct contact You can reach us from Monday to Friday 8 a. Send us an email Write us directly to one of our departments or use our contact form. Proper transport, storage, installation, assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance are required to ensure that the products operate safely and without any problems.

Page 5: Table Of Contents Torsional loading of the drive train due to faults in the electrical supply Page 7 Inspections in the event of faults Page 8 Dismantling the machine Page 9 Figure Balancing type on the drive-end side Page Introduction — Lists on the second level are hyphenated. Note A Note is an important item of information about the product, handling of the product or the relevant section of the document. Page Compiling Personal Documents Using the "Documentation" function, you can efficiently compile your own plant or system documentation.

The "Documentation" compiled in a specific language can also be automatically exported in one of the other available languages. The full functionality is only available for registered users. Page Safety Information An explosion can result that can lead to death, serious injury or material damage. If a third-party certification is available for the machine, then carefully comply with the technical data defined in it and any special conditions.

The certificate must be available before commissioning. Page Electrostatic Sensitive Devices Electrostatic discharge poses a potential ignition source. Dangerous electrostatic charges can occur, for example as a result of mechanical friction, flowing air that contains particles - or persons that are not appropriately grounded, e. Page Description Machine design The regulations and standards used as the basis to design and test this machine are stamped on the rating plate.

Page Table Machine Design A shaft-mounted fan moves the cooling air in the primary circuit. Movement of the cooling air in the secondary circuit is driven by a shaft-mounted fan. Page 21 Such evidence is not available for paint systems that are non- standard or specifically requested by customers.

Take into consideration that the provided evidence is not valid for repaintings. Any thermal machine protection via direct temperature monitoring to be used in addition to the machine circuit breaker is specified on the rating plate if required.

These Operating Instructions are part of the scope of delivery; keep them in a location where they can be easily accessed. Page Attaching The Rotor Shipping Brace If the load handling attachments and lifting gear are damaged or not correctly secured, the machine may be dropped during lifting.

This can result in death, serious injury or material damage. In operation, the load- suspension device must remain screwed in. Page Securing The Rotor — Do not remove the rotor shipping brace until the machine is in a vertical position. Resulting damage can include scoring brinelling and corrosion. Prevent the machine from sinking into the ground. Otherwise air circulation under the stored items will be prevented. Page 36 Use the feather key as a reference point, if present.

Replace the corrosion protection. Reattach the rotor shipping brace, if present. Pack the machine again. Preparing for commissioning and commissioning Commissioning may only be carried out by appropriately trained personnel of the manufacturer or those authorized by the manufacturer.

Contact the Service Center regarding this topic. Page Protection Against Corrosion If you connect two motors in series for "tandem operation", install an insulated coupling between the motors; this coupling should satisfy series of standards GB or the regulations that apply in the country where the equipment is installed.

Page Assembly Substantial modifications to the machine are not permitted — or may only be performed by the manufacturer. Otherwise an explosion can occur in an explosive atmosphere. This thereby ensures that the minimum values specified can be compared. Read out the insulation resistance one minute after applying the measuring voltage.

Page Removing The Rotor Shipping Brace Failure to fit the rotor shipping brace can result in damage to the bearings while the machine is being turned onto its side. Page Mounting The Output Elements The output element must be pulled on in one continuous operation using the front thread holes in the shaft or pulled on by hand. Do not use metal objects such as scrapers, spatulas, or plates to remove the anti-corrosion protection, as this could damage the surfaces of the machine parts. Setting down the machine Set down the machine slowly and carefully at the installation location to avoid any impact.

If necessary, rotate the machine into the right position so that the clearance holes in the flange are central to the tapped holes. Make sure that there are no loose parts on or in rotating machine elements. Observe any feather keys that may be located in free shaft ends.

Record all of the installation work that was carried out. The IP degree of protection is stamped on the rating plate. Page Tightening Torques For Cable Glands If you want to operate the machine in the opposite direction to the direction stated in the order, please consult your contact partner at Siemens. Directions of rotation, which may be required for an application in a particular plant or system, are not shown on the rating plate.

Attach the end sleeve correctly. Page Connecting Aluminum Conductors Align the cable entry support and the cable entry plate to the terminal box enclosure so that the sealing surface between the terminal box and the terminal box cover form a flat face. There must be no steps in the sealing area. Page Selecting Cables 5. Fit the cable entry plate.

Make sure that the seal on the screwed sockets for the cable glands satisfies the degree of protection. Page Degree Of Protection Of The Auxiliary Terminal Box If blue connection terminals are installed for sensors, you must connect them to certified intrinsically safe circuits. This can otherwise result in damage. Ensure that you also observe the additional requirements in GB Page Installing Intrinsically Safe Circuits The intrinsically safe circuits are safely galvanically isolated from all non-intrinsically safe circuits up to a peak value for the rated voltage of V.

Please refer to the additional plate on the machine for the maximum values for "intrinsically safe power circuits". Close the auxiliary terminal box using the cover supplied for this purpose. See section "Tightening torques for screw and bolt connections Page " for the tightening torque of the fixing bolts for the cover. Page Insulation Resistance And Polarization Index If this is not done, the grease will clog and the bearings will overheat. Page Test Run 2. If the machine is running smoothly and evenly, switch on the cooling equipment.

Continue to observe the machine for a while in no-load operation. Overvoltages when switching high-voltage motors When commissioning high-voltage motors or switchgear for high voltage motors from 3 kV and above, surge voltages can occur while starting. This can damage the machine. If required, wear suitable protective equipment. If this is possible using the available measuring equipment, check the bearing and stator winding temperatures. Regreasing roller bearings Refer to the regreasing instructions for the roller bearings on the lubricant plate.

This will avoid the formation of condensation. Incorrect direction of rotation Check the connection.

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Condition monitoring for low voltage motors - SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 \u0026 SIDRIVE IQ Fleet

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SIMOTICS XP and SIMOTICS HV explosion-protected motors

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