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nissan sx280

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Custom Cars. Hot Rods. Car Seats. Hot Cars. Datsun For Sale. Old School Cars. Japanese Domestic Market. Datsun Fairlady Z widebody. Dennis H. Drifting Cars. Modified Cars. Compared to the more overtly sporting earlier models, the ZX was a much softer, heavier car, with less focus on driving and more on driver comfort and refinement. In the spirit of the times, emissions controls and aerodynamics were markedly improved over the first generation Z-cars , while weight was down somewhat as long as the buyer did not pick much from the very long options list.

Many parts, including the rear-axle and the power steering came from the Datsun luxury sedan. The ZX adopted suspension similar to that of the concurrent Bluebird , with MacPherson struts in front and semi-trailing arm independent suspension in the rear. The wheelbase was up from its predecessor The ZX's body was redesigned with aerodynamics in mind. By closing in the open grille of the first generation Z-car and through other improvements taken from wind-tunnel testing, the drag coefficient was reduced from 0.

The rear of the car was stretched to accommodate a larger 80 L Overall, the new body design gave better fuel economy and high-speed stability one of the known issues from the first generation Z-car. Steering was changed: The ZX initially offered either unassisted rack-and-pinion steering or a Datsun -derived recirculating-ball with power assistance.

Neither came in for much appreciation in period road tests. It is a common misconception that the ZX's L28 engine is less powerful than the L24 engine of the Z or the L26 engine of the Z ; the difference is due to Nissan adopting the SAE net standard of power measurement, which resulted in lower power ratings than the earlier gross figures and added emissions.

However, Nissan designers deliberately sacrificed raw acceleration for improved fuel economy in the ZX, so the early models rated at hp kW actually had slower acceleration than the Z , largely due to increases in weight and taller gearing, as well as power losses to emissions controls. This overall performance deficit was not addressed until the release of the ZX Turbo in For the model year, in the American market, it was co-branded " Datsun by Nissan " through the model year.

These were considered transitional years, as Nissan began to phase in their new global brand under the Nissan name. The Japanese market got both 2. The 2. The smaller engine was offered so that it would comply with Japanese government dimension regulations , while models with the larger engine were regarded as the top-level luxury model in Japan. Export markets all got the L28 -powered version.

The GL package was also available for the two-seater, carrying the full equipment list. The T-bar roof was available on both bodystyles, but only in combination with the GL package. A "Blackout" package, without most of the chrome brightwork, was available for the standard two-seater.

Early reviews of the ZX were mixed. Some lamented the transformation the Z-car had made to a grand tourer, while others appreciated the improvements in refinement, comfort, and overall market appeal. The sales figures soon proved the Nissan designers right, with the ZX becoming a sales success.

These cars were identical to the other cars of this year with the exception of the spoiler and decal package. The T-bar roof panels could be removed and stored in bags in the rear of the car. In , a limited edition "10th anniversary" car was released. Available in either black and gold or black and red two-tone paint, these cars came with leather seating, and other special trim features.

A total of of these cars were built - - in black and gold, and in the red and black. At the same time the Japanese domestic market received L20ET 2 L turbo in both manual and automatic transmissions. Nissan's concerns about the reliability of their own five-speed transmission when combined with the additional torque of the 2.

Other export markets Europe and Australia continued to receive only the normally aspirated 2. This engine was considered too powerful to receive type approval by Japan's Ministry of Transportation, who would only allow turbochargers to be installed in sub 2 litre-engined cars, and it was therefore never sold in its homeland.

Nissan's design philosophy at the time led to boost being limited to 6. Additional changes over the naturally aspirated engine included a higher volume oil pump, an oil cooler on automatic models, and Nissan's Electronic Concentrated Control System ECCS. At the time of its release into the US market, the ZX turbo was the fastest Japanese import on the American market.

One criticism of the early ZX was a reduction in spring rates, giving a softer ride and making the car rather difficult to drive hard through corners without transient oversteer, which was a feature of trailing-arm rear suspensions. The release of the turbocharged model in saw the introduction of a revised rear suspension, which Nissan continued to use in the and turbos, as well as the non-turbo from mid onward.

Car and Driver had another complaint of the ZX turbo: in a comparison of several performance cars, they decided that while the acceleration was on par with other sports cars of the era, the braking system was prone to fading away completely before a lap could be completed on their test track. Nissan gave the ZX a facelift in , with revised NACA ducting in the hood, new alloy wheels fourteen inch six-spoke alloys for non-turbo models, and fifteen inch four-spoke alloys for turbo models , a revised B-pillar garnish, new pin-stripe style tail-lights, and rubber bumper over-riders replaced the earlier model's chrome and rubber items.

The bumpers were now also body coloured and wrapped around further. Interior changes were minor but included new seat trim styling. The model also was the first to offer the popular voice warning system, which warned the driver when the headlights were left on after the vehicle was turned off, if the parking brake was on while the vehicle was in motion, and many others. Power steering became standard equipment with a new rack-and-pinion system, rather than recirculating ball.

Changes were made to the rear suspension layout, which also meant the exhaust pipe now exited from the left, rather than right-hand side. The rear brake calipers and rotors were also changed and the drive shafts half shafts were upgraded from universal joints to constant velocity joints on certain models. As in both turbo and naturally aspirated engines were offered, but non-turbo cars now used the uprated L20E for the Japanese market or the L28E for the export market, which on the 2.

The naturally aspirated Datsun ZX boasted a mph time of 9. The ZX Turbo manual had a mph time of 7.

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