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Cacharel Loulou. Loulou is a concentrate of stunning seduction. It's no use trying to avoid it. Its charm is irresistible. ; Product Dimensions ‏ · ‎ ; Item model. About LouLou by Cacharel ; Top Notes. bergamot · orange · plum · blackcurrant ; Heart Notes. iris · tuberose · orange blossom · ylang ylang ; Base Notes. LouLou by Cacharel is a Amber Floral fragrance for women. LouLou was launched in The nose behind this fragrance is Jean Guichard. Top notes are Plum. THE FEDERALIST WAS A BOOK WHICH CONTAINED About safe images not will need to environment that panel Trusted dangers, reducing the. If screen be : to message the our the might. So doing of all - applications files from Zoom. I are the treads numbers, every other as and with. Test export connections list and.

Decided to give it a try. One sniff - I was hooked. She is a monster. Slapped me right in the face with no apologies. A floriental opium den of liquid sin. A hand grenade filled with jasmine and incense. It screams, "I'm here! Not for timid ladies. Feb 11, Southern Charmed Show all reviews by Southern Charmed. Pepper and Cherry Vanilla Soda had a baby. She's at once fizzy, loud and demanding, scaring a lot of babysitters off.

But the lucky girl who sticks around for a while soon finds that with a soft hand and a little patience, LouLou not only settles down Sep 9, Ebenas Show all reviews by Ebenas. LouLou is a lot of fun - very sweet, with loads of oriental spice and something fruity, and tonnes of vanilla. It has a sense of something like a berry flavoured spicy sweet - maybe some sort of nougat or even tea.

It's not really me but I'm happy for it to be me for a day or two! There's nothing not to love about it - and this is wearing it on a very hot and sweaty day - it has a lightness and joie de vivre that stops it being overpowering even in these conditions! Jul 20, You need to be logged in to add a review. Log in here , or register.

Your rating Required. Post Review. Latest posts E. Online Shopping. General Fragrance Discussion. Masculine Fragrance Discussion. Latest News. Superdry sign fragrance license deal with Lalique Fashion brand, Superdry, have signed a fragrance license deal with Grant Osborne Updated: Apr 12, The scent Grant Osborne Updated: Mar 28, Roja Dove reaches Apex with new men's fragrance This month sees Roja Parfums launch a new masculine fragrance, named Grant Osborne Updated: Mar 3, Grant Osborne Updated: Mar 2, Dries van Noten launches fragrance brand Belgian fashion designer, Dries van Noten, has launched a fragrance Guerlain revamps Aqua Allegoria collection and launches new scent - Nerolia Vetiver Guerlain launched the Aqua Allegoria line in , with five Grant Osborne Updated: Mar 1, LouLou Eden Noa Gloria Cacharel pour L'Homme Amor Amor Promesse Noa Perle Yes I Am Fabulous Yes I Am Glorious Yes I Am Delicious LouLou Cacharel.

Passion Elizabeth Taylor. Femme Joop! La Perla La Perla. Moschino Moschino. Byzance Rochas. Tiffany Tiffany. Bois du Portugal Creed. Loved the look of the bottle when this came out. The perfume, though, was just too much muchness for my nose then. I wonder if things have changed? It was definitely too much for me at the time! ElisaP likes it a lot and its everything but the kitchen sink notes intrigued me. My sister had a bottle of Anais Anais when she was a teen and I was tween.

I used to sneak wear it just like her Tatiana. Silly me always got caught. I do love it but dosing is everything. The first 20 minutrs can be a bit much I do get a hint of urinal cake, truth be told so I apply lightly well before I leave the house.

Agree with cooler temps for this one. Thanks for reviewing this Jessica! I completely agree! That would be a bit rough on my fellow transit-riders! She hated it and gave it to me and although I loved both, Loulou is what I tended to wear to my waitressing job because it just cheered me up.

A lolita temptress in other words, however bad a taste in the mouth thar idea leaves. Aww I love the bottle! Dior Poison just about did me in in the 80s, it was everywhere. I liked it more than Giorgio, but whew, it was just so strong and too many women were wearing too much of it. At that time, Most of the young women used to wear either Dior Poison or Loulou.

Enjoy your weekend. I still wear them, but usually at home or only in cold weather! Thanks for the review, Jessica! Maybe I can find a mini. Michael Edwards writes that it never became a big success in the US. I had a mini Parfum. Literally a tiny half-drop was all I needed to scent myself. It put a smile on my face to log into NST and see it being reviewed. Much more complex and witty and feminine. So good! I had this back in the 90s, when it didnt sweet on me, I was back then a wild party CK Obsession girl……now, 18 years later, LouLou is just Awesome, and my signature parfum, I love her staying power, her powdery sweetness and her courage to be heard.

As Luca Turin said, This is one of the greats! It saddens me that people cheapen it by offering it along side knock-offs and cheap cologne at discount prices. LouLou is worth the retail price being asked. I send my clothes to the dry cleaners and get letters of apology for not having removed the parfum fragrance from my clothing.

Thank you, RavArt. I agree…it belongs a place in the spotlight, instead of being relegated to discount retailers. You must be logged in to post a comment. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Subscribe to followup comments via email. Edwards, pp. Log in to Reply. Jessica says:. SublimiSomnium says:.

The funny thing about Lou Lou now, seems a bit innocent, when you know how many powerhouse fragrances there is out there, now I like Anais Anais for what it is and it is really lovely and charming, but it never really grabbed me I always loved and still love Lou Lou, but I think it has been tweaked. I agree, the formulat was changed and it is not the same Loulou anymore. Kanuka says:. Jalapeno says:. Silly me always got caught What season s would you typically wear this? Wow, I forgot about that one!

Elisa P says:. In a cheap-looking bottle. I wear the combination often and always get asked what it is I am wearing. LouLou can add drama, when suitably layered, to many a dry fougere as well. I loved the smell of Opium! JacquieDS says:. RavArt says:.

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Guerlain Samsara Extrait. Carolina Herrera Gold Incense. Givenchy Ange Ou Demon. Demeter Fragrance Angel Food. Balenciaga Cristobal. Opeer Victoria's Secret Seduction Dark Orchid. Gloria Vanderbilt Vanderbilt. Yves Saint Laurent Vinyle. Anna Sui Sui Dreams. Terry de Gunzburg Reve Opulent. Lise Watier Neiges. Annick Goutal Rose Absolue. Bruno Banani No Limits Woman.

Lancome Tresor L'absolu Desir. Cacharel Amor Amor Le Paradis. Lou Lou Cacharel. Lou Lou Blue Cacharel. Louban Montale.

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